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Thread: Baby Name Quiz

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    Baby Name Quiz

    To pick your daughter's first name, choose an animal you wish you could have as a pet.

    Horse- Vivienne
    Cat- Moira
    Dog- Madeline
    Hamster- Gabriella
    Tortoise- Alice
    Fish- Cordelia
    Snake- Genevieve
    Other- Alexia

    To pick your daughter's middle name, choose a sport you'd like to win a gold medal in.

    Swimming- Maria
    Running- Elaine
    Gymnastics- Elizabeth
    Sailing- Pearl
    Javelin- Adelaide
    Tennis- Miranda
    Cycling- Reina
    Volley ball- Prudence
    Diving- Magnolia
    Other- Willa

    Daughter #1=

    To pick a first name for your son, choose your favourite hobby.

    Reading- Dalton
    Sports- William
    Shopping- Isaac
    Writing- Matthew
    Baking- Nolan
    Collecting something- Kellen
    Singing/Acting- Malcolm
    Other- Sean

    To pick a middle name for your son, choose your perfect holiday.

    A relaxing beach holiday- Desmond
    A skiing holiday in the Alps- Patrick
    A sight-seeing cruise holiday- August
    A wild, partying holiday with your friends- Alfred
    A safari holiday in Africa- Connor
    A city break- Rhys
    Other- Thomas

    Son #1=

    To choose a first name for your daughter, choose what hair and eye colour combo you have.

    Blonde hair & blue/grey eyes- Charlotte
    Blonde hair & Brown/hazel/green eyes- Elena
    Red hair & blue/grey eyes- Hazel
    Red hair & brown/hazel/green eyes- Harriet
    Brown hair & blue/grey eyes- Sophia
    Brown hair & brown/hazel/green eyes- Ivy
    Black hair & brown/hazel/green eyes- Juliette
    Black hair & blue/grey eyes- Cassandra
    Other- Tatiana

    To find out your daughter's middle name, choose your favourite snack.

    Fruit- Philippa
    Chocolate- Antonia
    Crisps/Chips- Grace
    Cake- Isabelle
    Chips/Fries- Arabella
    Nuts- Clara
    Other- Anastasia

    Daughter #2=

    To pick your sons first name, take the letter of your last name.

    A-D- Daniel
    E-I- Henry
    J-N- Stephen
    O-R- Nicholas
    S-V- Lachlan
    W-Z- Duncan

    To pick your sons middle name, choose the genre of movies you like.

    Romantic- Zane
    Comedy- Benjamin
    Horror- Finn
    Sci-Fi- Alexander
    Musical- Moses
    Adventure- Aaron
    Other- Donovan

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    Daughter #1= Madeline Elizabeth
    Son #1= Sean Thomas
    Daughter #2= Ivy Philippa
    Son #2= Stephen Zane

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    Pandora, Tillie, Echo, Flora, Eira, Vienna, Rosalind

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    Daughter #1: Moira Willa
    Son #1: Matthew Desmond
    Daughter #2: Ivy Anastasia
    Son #2: Duncan Benjamin
    I'm Erin, a teenaged writer who loves names (and dessert).

    Girls names of the moment: Delaney | Eleanor | Georgia | Kate | Lucy
    Boys names of the moment: Felix | Harry | Liam | Theo | Tobias

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