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Thread: Royal Baby

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    Would they have given their son three names because mom has two and dad has four?
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    I figured they would name him George, but I've got to admit I'm pretty disappointed they didn't use Arthur. I didn't think they would, but still..... *Sigggghhh*

    But George Alexander Louis is very dashing and flows well. Surprised as well that they didn't use Philip and I was also thinking they might use Francis. Anyhoo, I love it and congrats to them both!

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    I absolutely love the royals, and I'm so excited for them! Though I personally am not a huge fan of George, I agree that the full name is very regal sounding. I sort of wish they would've used Spencer in there to honor Princess Di, but the queen would probably never allow it. I like that they chose Alexander because Kate loves it and Louis to honor Lord Mountbatten. Congratulations to them and I wish them all the best of luck! (Even though I wanted it to be a girl )


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    Of course it is too predictable, although I was hoping for George, as the other possibilities seemed worse.

    Of course it is too bad we can't look forward to a Princess Flora or a Prince Caspian, but there it is -- I said from the start -- they don't have a real choice. This couple is more constrained by history and tradition than the rest of us. Perhaps we should be publically polite about the name choice and privately grateful for our own freedom.

    Not knocking George, by the way. I think it is nice classic that is enjoying a deserved resurgence. I would just not want to in a position where my choices were so limited...

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    Feeling slightly ambivalent about the name. While I think that George Alexander Louis is a very lovely combination which clings incredibly well, I’m slightly disappointed that 1.) they didn’t give him four names, and 2.) that they didn’t include either Arthur or Philip.

    I think we had all seen George coming and the Alexander Louis combination right after really brightens the very heavy name that I think George is - it does for me at least. I had guessed on Alexander because it’s a beautiful name and it pays great tribute to Scotland, where little Georgie’s parents met, but I’m surprised to see Louis in there. It’s a lovely name though, and I’m sure it has pleased both Philip and Charles that Earl Mountbatten has been honoured in a royal baby’s name once again

    I think that either Philip or Arthur easily could have been made the little lad’s fourth name. George Philip Alexander Louis, George Alexander Philip Louis or George Alexander Louis Arthur could have worked just fine. But oh well, George Alexander Louis is a mighty fine name and I can totally see him as a little Georgie (my thought immediately ran to George V who was called Georgie and he was the most adorable child, just take a look at this picture of him, Alexandra and Eddie)
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