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Thread: Royal Baby

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    Quote Originally Posted by nerdybird View Post
    I didn't get the full name, but I totally knew it would be George! I like it. Very appropriate, classic, and definitely not boring.
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    Yay! I love William and Kate, probably a bit more than I should. so happy for them. I'm not a huge fan of George, but I have guessed that for awhile now! But it is a nice name and flows well. Yay babies!
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    I finally saw the news! So exciting. I was hoping for an Arthur or William II, but George Alexander Louis is nice. Maybe they'll save William and Arthur for another baby They've got to have an heir and a spare ya know.

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    I personally don't like George, but what a handsome, regal name! George Alexander Louis is one awesome name! (My guess for a boy was George Henry Philip, but hey, at least I got one name right!)

    Congrats to Will and Kate for their healthy, adorable baby with an amazing name!
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