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Thread: Royal Baby

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    Alexander is a male version of one of the Queen’s middle names. Louis is Prince Charles' beloved grand-uncle and one of Will’s middle names.

    He will be known as HRH Prince George of Cambridge.
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    so cute!! I love George Alexander Louis
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    I'm mostly surprised that they only picked three names. I guess maybe as 'modern' royals they're trying not to seem too pretentious? Either that or they just couldn't pick a fourth.

    Man, if I were expected to give my child four names I would be all over that.

    I'm also stunned that Philip wasn't included.

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    My father was very disappointed by the George. I'm kinda of disappointed too. I would've liked Louis in the first place more. Louis Alexander George for example.

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    I was kind of expecting George, but it's so predictable. I wanted Alexander to be the first name with Louis and George somewhere in the middle, plus Arthur, which I'm kind of surprised they didn't put in. Ah well. George is a nice name, it's just that it's what everyone knew it would be and I was hoping they'd surprise us all.
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