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    When Princess Charlotte of Wales was born and named, it would be widely expected that she would have a brother who would have displaced her in the line of succession. It wasn't until years later that if became obvious that she would be her father's only child.
    Sorry, Only just saw your reply! I don't think it was expected. Her father hated her mother and split with her immediately after Charlotte's birth then later told a friend that he'd only ever had sex with his wife 3 times. No one would've expected a male heir from then on.

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    Same thing for her cousin Princess Victoria — not only would she have been expected to have a brother, but on top of that she had two uncles ahead of her in the line of succesion who could have produced children at any point in time. In fact, in the years after her birth her uncle William (IV) had a daughter (who given the family's lack of heirs was appropriately named Elizabeth, a "regal" name) and 3 sons who all died in infancy. It was telling of Victoria's litttle dynastical status that her parents were forbidden to give their daughter a queenly name (Charlotte and Elizabeth were their choices) and had to pick something "foreign" and unusual.
    She wasn't expected to have a brother for long- her dad died when she was just 8 months old. And as for her older uncles- Prince Frederick was long since sperated from his wife, who was well past child bearing age anyway, and the DoC's wife was looking less and less likely to produce a live, healthy heir. So, no, it wasn't expected from the word go, but for the daughter of the fourth son- they certainly kept her in mind. Why else would the Prince Regent try to have much say in her name and her upbringing? And why else would Prince Edward have his heavily pregnant wife rush back to England just days before Victoria's birth?

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    If William and Kate's child is a girl, it will be the first time in history that a Princess will be expected to be Queen at birth.
    But yes, this is true due to the change in the law of succession

    ETA: Damn, missed shvibziks' response too! I agree with all she said!
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