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    I don't think they'll go with Alexandra: as people have mentioned, there is already a working member of the royal family whose title is "HRH Princess Alexandra" (true, there are also two Prince Edwards, but the eldest has been styled HRH The Duke of Kent for decades and so the confusion is avoided). She's also William's godmother so he may associate the name too much her and so it may not feel "kidlike".

    I keep thinking William and Kate will go for a popular name that they like (but one that is still appropriate enough for a monarch), and will leave historical or family names for the middle. They never showed any signs of being particularly interested in royal history and traditions so (sadly) I doubt a "boring"/oldfashioned name that's full of significance (like Mary, Victoria, Adelaide, Alfred, Philip, Richard) would appeal to them. And looking at the names recently picked by William's friends and extended family, not to mention other "modern" royals (Savannah, Isla, Xan, Lyla, Tane, Lola, Ariane, Athena, Estelle), I'm relieved the Queen has has veto power!
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