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    A girls name could be anything - they won't have the pressure to pick a "regnal" name, only a "royal" one. I doubt the Queen will let them use their own name as the first name - she's known to be a modest person. Personaly I would love Cecily - utterly English, traditional, and it's a family name, too (that of The Queen's grandmother and Prince Philips's sister). I just hope they don't use Isabella - it's the same name as Elizabeth and it would cause problems with the numbering (Isabella is written "Elisabeth" in Latin; and the Queen is Isabel II in many countries).

    I'm convinced a boy will be George. I'd love John - Prince Jack - but I doubt they would be allowed to use it.

    They won't use Arthur, Albert, Henry, James, Edward, Charles, Philip, William, Spencer, Anne, Alexandra, Beatrice, Louise, Catherine, or Diana as first names: they're either taken by close family members or are "forbidden" for regnal names. I wish people realised that a Queen Diana would be a slap on the face of the Queen and Prince Philip - and William isn't that close to the Spencers (and Spencer isn't seen as a "proper Christian name", really).

    One think I would love to see was a nice Welsh / Cornish / Scottish name included. I loved how the little Danish royal twins have Faroesan middle names.

    I think we could have the kid be known publically as a nickname name - like Harry and Kate. I could see a Princess Mary known as Princess May (like The Queen's late grandmother), or a even a Prince William Jr. known as Liam.
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