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Thread: Royal Baby

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    sheena12- I think they can choose the name themselves, but the Queen has the last say as she has to approve the names. So I don't think there will be a future Prince Jayden...
    That probably means there will be no Diana since there is no way the queen would approve of that! Maybe as a middle name, but not as a first. Sad since I think it would be really sweet if they did name their girl Diana.

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    I would love to see a princess Alice and Diana would be cute if they added it to the name. Honestly I would love a Victoria as a princess because the name is so elegant and would fit a princess.

    For a boy I would love Rupert (I love this name but my hubby vetoed it) or Louis like someone else mentioned.

    I don't think the royal couple will choose a trendy name.

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    A little Prince:
    I'm fairly certain that one of the three "middle names" (except, for royals they aren't middle names, they're just ... other names) will be Arthur which is a name held by both the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge, and it was also one of King George VI's names. Then there's the Michael (for Michael Middleton) and Charles (for the Prince of Wales), I think Michael has a fair shot, but I think it's more likely that we'll get to see Philip (for the Duke of Edinburgh) there rather than Charles - maybe both will be in there. More unlikely (or as I like to call them, the "second-baby") names are Richard, Alfred, Frederick, Patrick and David.
    For first names, I am so torn because my favourite definitely is James, but it's just so unlikely they'll name a song that as both Catherine's brother and William's cousin are named that. I think it'll be between either George or Albert, both names have things speaking against them though; George is horribly old-fashioned, and there already is a little Albert in the family. An outsider of sorts could be Alexander, there's been a Scottish King named Alexander I, so a little Alexander would actually be King Alexander II. It would also be a nice homage to Queen Alexandra, the wife of King Edward VII.

    George Philip Arthur Michael
    Albert Philip Arthur Charles
    George Arthur James Michael
    Albert Charles David Michael

    And the outsider:
    Alexander Charles Arthur Philip

    A little Princess:
    There are so many likely names for a girl, Elizabeth (for Queen Elizabeth I and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II), Victoria (for Queen Victoria), Mary (for Queen Mary I + II), Alexandra (for the Queen Consort, Alexandra of Denmark) and Margaret (for Queen Margaret I of Scotland and Princess Margaret, the Countess of Snowdon), I'm not sure which one of them they're going to use, but I'm almost certain it's gonna be one of those. As for "middle names", I feel very tempted to say "the ones above not used as a first name", but then again there's Charlotte, Rose, Diana, Alice, Frances, Anne and Caroline (which is a more regal version of Catherine's mum's name, Carole). I also think that Philippa could be a nice homage to both the Duke of Edinburgh and Pippa Middleton. I am not sure that Diana is going to be used at all, it's very easy to believe that William would want to pay respect to his mother, but then it wouldn't be "more" than giving his daughter either Diana or Frances as a "middle name". Victoria as the first name also kind of bugs me, I mean, "Queen Victoria" is some name to live up to.

    Elizabeth Caroline Diana Victoria
    Victoria Elizabeth Caroline Diana
    Elizabeth Charlotte Margaret Anne
    Victoria Philippa Mary Alexandra

    And some outsiders:
    Alexandra Elizabeth Caroline Frances
    Mary Elizabeth Caroline Alice
    Margaret Caroline Alexandra Rose
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    They won't give names that are considered unlucky in the British Royal Family, like John or Richard. James is still too tied to the Jacobites.

    The German names (Charlotte, Albert) are still off-limits, imo.

    They have spoken candidly in interviews about using Diana for a first daughter, at least as a first middle. Pippa Middleton strikes me as an unlikely namesake.

    Personally I would love to see some of the more ancient royal names revived, like Eleanor/Alienor or some of the old ethel- names. It would also be interesting (not to mention politically expedient) to have a Welsh, Scottish and Irish name, especially given the pains both William (living on Anglesey) and Charles have taken to identify with Wales.
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    I really cant see them using Diana as a first name, possibly a middle but i'm not convinced about that either. I think that William had a special relationship with his mum and would definetely want to honor her but I think it'll be more subtle than that. When you remember Diana a lot of good things come to mind but it's impossible not to think about all the sadness and tragedy in her life and the terrible way that it ended. Thats an awful lot of baggage to pass on to a little girl, plus William has made no secret of the fact he is very protective of Kate so imagine what he'll be like with his kids. Theres already sooooo much interest in this baby before its even conceived I think that using the name Diana would be like puting a target on her for the press, there will be a flood of comparison anyway we already seen it with Kate so if their first child is a girl the same thing will happen with her and naming her Diana i feel would just add fuel to it all. Also the name could be seen as unlucky in a way so the superstitious royal family might vito it on those grounds.

    Of course I could be completely wrong and William could channel some of his mother and brothers rebelious nature and call the baby Diana just to spite his granny

    Who knows but peronally the name just reminds me of Michael Jacksons Dirty Diana, I much prefer Victoria or Alexandria they just have a regal feel imo and for a boy I think Alfred (Alfie) or Arthur would be nice
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