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Thread: Royal Baby

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    For a little prince I think we could be looking at Albert or George, perhaps William or Henry. Or maybe Kate will surprise us with a more unusual name thrown in. But William and Charles would have to be in the mix somewhere. I'd love for Albert to be brought back as it hasn't been used as a FN since George VI was born in 1895! I'd also like to see John used again- the royal family apparently have a thing about it being bad luck and Diana reportedly wanted to name William 'John' after her brother but was prevented from doing so.

    For a little princess- Charlotte, Elizabeth, Alice or Victoria would be lovely! And Catherine will be a middle name somewhere, maybe Philippa.

    And how many do you reckon they'll end up having?! I think 4 is a good number I'm hoping they'll match the Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark

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    I love Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, Alice Diana Elizabeth, Eleanor Diana Elizabeth or Helena Elizabeth Diana for a girl. There also could be a Johanna or Joanna instead of Joan. For a boy - I like Alfred Louis James and Edward Louis Alexander for some reason.

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    As an American with UK roots, I am very interested in this. I would like the daughter to be Diana. I think Prince William would as well.

    For any Brits out there, how much say do Kate and William have over the naming of their own child?

    The little girl just has to be Diana! She was a beautiful woman inside and out and Diana is a timeless and lovely name.

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    Ah man, I thought I commented on this the other day but it appears to have not shown up I think a little Princess Charlotte, Elizabeth, Victoria or Alice would be lovely, and Catherine will be thrown into it somewhere, maybe Philippa too. I don't think they'll use Diana for a FN, but Frances could be a MN.

    As for a little Prince I think we could be looking at George, Arthur, Edward or Albert, maybe William, Henry or Richard. Charles may be in there somewhere. I'm hoping for a little Albert- it hasn't been used as a FN since George VI was born in 1895! And John needs a comeback too. The royals apparently have a thing about it being unlucky and Diana reportedly wanted to use it for William but was prevented from doing so.

    sheena12- I think they can choose the name themselves, but the Queen has the last say as she has to approve the names. So I don't think there will be a future Prince Jayden...
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    If they have a daughter she will without doubt have the name Diana somewhere in the combo.

    I hope that they don't go for a dorky vintage name but rather a spunky today name with flair and why not infuse something of the 21st century into the name by going for something modern?

    Princess Arabella Blaise Diana
    Princess Imogen Juliet Diana
    Princess Aurora Diana Hope
    Princess Vivienne Diana Louise


    Prince Louis Rupert Blake
    Prince Jamison Llewellyn Charles
    Prince Alister Robert Harry

    And Duke and Duchess of Cambridge if you are reading this please give your child a name with a modern angle avoiding all the pitfalls of tryndy naming.

    Psalm 23

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