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    Suggestions For Middle Names

    Hi Berries! Alright, I'm thinking if I were to have two sweet princesses which beautiful names would I give them. And right now in my mind it is Kate and Elisabeth. But I'm really bad with middle names so I need you berries to give my some suggestions. What I have now are Kate Winter and Elisabeth Anja. What do think of these two combos?
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    Kate Winter is a bit short to me, Katie Winter would be better, but it's more juvenile.
    Kate Winter is fine all in all.
    Elisabeth Anja is okay, but I prefer Anya.

    Other ideas:
    Kate Noelle
    Kate Mariella
    Kate Gwendolen
    Kate Antoinette
    Kate Elisabeth
    Kate Jolene

    Elisabeth Emily
    Elisabeth Whitney
    Elisabeth Elena
    Elisabeth Hanna
    Elisabeth Noelle
    Elisabeth Antonia
    Elisabeth Vivienne
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