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    NOT MAKENNA. I hate that name... Lol

    I love Bryn / Brynne!
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    I'm just going to be completely honest here..
    Austyn and Carsyn look ridiculous. It's very teen mom to me. Carson and Austin are definitely nms but I would go with Austin only for a boy. Makenna literally makes my skin makes me think of The show Toddlers and Tiaras, along with all the other namealikes (Mackenzie, Mckayla, Kenzie). Brynn is my favorite by a landslide.

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    I like Brynn best. I think Brynn Austin or Brynn Makenna work. I agree with Sugarfoot about the names.
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    Since you asked for help deciding I'm assuming you want opinions, if you don't then feel free to disregard mine. I would go with Brynn it's NMS but it's pretty, sweet, simple but strong. There is a sophistication to it.

    If you use Austin or Carson please don't use the "Y" spellings and turn perfectly nice looking names into ones that look downmarket and misspelled thanks to the Y phenomenon. All 50 versions of Makenna also look downmarket to me but bottom line go with your heart you have one really pretty choice imo and the start of a really good list if you're still looking.
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    Brynn, without a doubt.

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