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    Lily, Chloe or Charlotte?

    I am due in September with a baby girl! She has a brother, Colin Matthew. The names we like are-
    Chloe Isabel
    Charlotte Noelle
    Lily Sophia, Lily Kate, Lily Renee, Lily Alexia. (Can't really decide on a middle name for Lily)
    What do you think? Suggestions are welcome and appreciated
    Thank you!!

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    1 Charlotte Noelle - I think Charlotte is classic and elegant. I'm not crazy about Noelle. Have you considered Charlotte Isabel?

    2 Lily Kate - Kate is my favourite mn from your short list. This combo sounds spunky!

    3 Chloe Isabel - I find Colin and Chloe too similar in sound for siblings.
    All the best,

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    Charlotte but I agree I am not a fan of Noelle at all

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    I'm due in September as well, don't know the gender, but if it's a girl we're using Lily! So I vote for Lily. But I'm also having a very hard time with middle names for Lily, especially since our last name is short. I like Lily Kate, she may get the nick name "Lily Cat", maybe not, but I've heard of that before.

    I'm down to Lily Josephine or Lily Catherine, but not 100% yet. Charlotte and Chloe are cute, but if I had to give a reason why I wouldn't use them is that I wouldn't like the nickname "Char", and for me it's a bit too proper. Chloe seems like the odd one in your list, it's cute but doesn't really fit in. I like more traditional classy names, but that's just me. So I pick Lily (plus you won't have another "c" name with your children, nice to mix it up).

    Please keep me posted on what you use as I need help too!
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    Love the combination Charlotte Noelle. Lily Renee is my favorite combo of the ones you listed. I vote for Charlotte. We have neighbors with a Colin, Tori & Lily sibset.

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