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    BNG Using Favourites!!

    You will need this!

    Where does your family live?
    1. Washington D.C., USA
    2. London, England
    3. Paris, France
    4. Athens, Greece
    5. Shanghai, China
    6. Seoul, South Korea
    7. Cairo, Egypt
    8. Victoria, Canada

    Surname and maiden name (roll once for each):
    1. Clinton, Striker, Forbes
    2. Cotton, Flynn, O'Sullivan
    3. Nichols, Carrington, Chang
    4. Alexander, Wilson, Flint
    5. Beckingham, Ward, Morgan
    6. Schultz, Hubbard, Hunter
    7. Santos, MacIntyre, Drummond
    8. Shepherd, Hutchinson, Capello

    DH: Aaron, Benedict, Damien, Felix, Magnus, Ronan, Simon, Winston
    DW: Adele, Aria, Echo, Evelyn, Helena, Junia, Margot, Petra, Sophie

    Roll the dice for the number of children you will have, then for genders. Odd numbers are male, even are female. You can choose to have twins if you wish. Select names from the appropriate namebanks below!

    First birth
    Girls: Agatha, Cassandra, Edith, Felicity, Hermione, Liberty, Mavis, Poppy, Sybil
    Boys: Abel, Brady, Daniel, Jack, Malcolm, Rory, Spencer, Wyatt

    Second birth
    Girls: Agnes, Athena, Cecelia, Eleanor, Frances, Imogen, Lucy, Matilda, Tempest
    Boys: Albert, Brandt, Dean, Flynn, Judah, Miles, Theodore, Xavier

    Third birth
    Girls: Alice, Aurora, Celeste, Elodie, Genevieve, Iris, Luna, Minerva, Rosemary
    Boys: Alfred, Brody, Desmond, Ford, Keaton, Milo, Samuel, Thomas

    Girls: Amelia, Avia, Eloise, Georgia, Isolde, Lydia, Miriam, Sadie, Viola
    Boys: Archer, Cato, Edmund, Garrett, Keats, Moses, Sawyer, Tobias

    Girls: Anastasia, Beatrice, Claire, Ember, Greta, Ivy, Molly, Scarlett, Virginia
    Boys: Arlo, Caleb, Edwin, George, Knox, Neville, Sebastian, Toby

    Girls: Andromeda, Blythe, Colette, Emma, Jane, Lyra, Odessa, Shirley, Vivienne
    Boys: Arrow, Clyde, Eli, Griffin, Levi, Owen, Seth, Viggo

    Girls: Annabel, Bridget, Daisy, Eugenia, Harriet, Maeve, Odette, Simone, Winter
    Boys: Arthur, Cohen, Emmett, Harrison, Lewis, Poe, Sherlock, Wesley

    Girls: Anya, Bryony, Dorothy, Evangeline, Hazel, June, Manon, Penelope, Sonnet
    Boys: Atlas, Colby, Ezra, Harry, Louis, Remus, Silas, William

    Hope you enjoy!

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    The family lives in Athens, Greece.

    DH: Simon Benedict Schultz
    DW: Petra Adele Schultz (nee Nichols)
    DS: Malcolm Spencer Schultz
    DS: Dean Judah Schultz
    DD: Genevieve Celeste Schultz
    DS: Garrett Moses Schultz
    DD/DD: Claire Ivy Schultz and Molly Virginia Schultz

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    Shanghai, China
    Maiden Name: Clinton
    Surname: Chang
    DH: Simon Felix Chang
    DW: Junia Evelyn Chang

    DD: Poppy Edith Chang
    DS: Judah Miles Chang
    DS: Thomas Samuel Chang
    DD: Avia Eloise Chang

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