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    So I was reading the obituaries this morning, and...

    Nameberry has to be the only site where it might be appropriate to begin a conversation that way. I love it! So, really, I was looking at the obituaries this morning, and one caught my eye with a bunch of inspired names. I'm leaving off last names, but the woman who passed was named Aurea Julieta. Here is the list of her sisters that survived her, all born in Panama.
    Mirna Alicia
    Edda Cecilia
    Marta Eugenis
    Aida Idabel
    Huzmira Ofelia
    Elba Joaquina

    Her brother is Maximino Demetrio. I'm giving props to these parents for some pretty great names! Which is your fav? I think mine is Aurea Julieta.

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    Grerat sibset! I love Marta.

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    I like Aida Idabel. :]

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    I love Mirna and Edda
    Also quite happy to see Julieta and Ofelia.
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    Funny, for most of them, I like the mns best! Tho I do like Aida and Marta. The lady who passed was in her late 70s btw, in case anyone was wondering.

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