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Thread: Dagmara?

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    I'm totally in love with the name Dagmara. When I first heard it (like most people) I thought it was ridiculous and sounded like poo on an animal's backside!
    Now it's stuck in my mind but I'm afraid to use it
    It also has the pronunciation problem: Dag-mar-a, Darg-mar-a, Dayg-mar-a. I prefer dag - the worst one!
    Any opinions?

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    My maternal grandma was Dagmar, prn. DAG-mar. Never heard of Dagmara though. I'm not the biggest fan in the world but it's a decent name.

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    Like Svea, I've only ever heard it said Dagmar, and I grew up where there was a rather high concentration of Scandinavian names and no one ever had any problems, so it me, its a really straightforward name. I don't think adding the 'a' to the end makes it any harder to guess the pronunciation, although I do prefer Dagmar to Dagmara.

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    I first discovered that name when I watched the Count of Monte Cristo, and Dagmara Dominczyk played Mercedes (also a big favourite!). She's a beautiful actress, and I desperately wanted to love her name, but I it's so hard sounding. I think other names that are similar sounding are better... like Tamara, or even Damara, or Damaria. It's the "g" that seems to kill it.

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    Thanks for the comments

    Damara is nice but seems to lack 'punch' somehow. Maybe it actually needs the hardness.

    As for Dagmar, I think that sounds more like a boys name for some reason!

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