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    a couple of girl faves from my lists

    My lists are incredibly short, which is why I am hoping to find some new additions to my girls & boys lists.

    Here are my top girls names of the moment, all opinions welcome Middle name would be Agostina.

    1. Salma (like the actress, prn sahl-mah)
    2. Selena (sah-lee-nah)
    3. Alma (although this is more guilty-pleasure, as it seems so much different than my other faves)
    4. Michelle / Michelena (to honor my niece, Michelle)
    5. Marachel (prn. mare-ah-shell)
    6. Soraya
    7. Delayna/Delena (prn. dah-lay-nah)
    8. Graciela ( used to be my #1 girls name, but our last name also begins with a hard G)
    9. Antonina (a play on my name, and the name Antonia)
    10. Anny (version of Annie)
    11. Gabriela/Gabriana
    12. Maya
    13. Aracely / Araceliana ( air-ah-sell-ee / air-ah-sell-ee-ah-nah)
    14: Julieta (version of Juliet, prn. Hoo-lee-eh-tah)
    15. Erena / Arayna / Aareina (a play on the name Aaron)
    16. Marianna (a combo of my name and SO's name)
    17. Mariamaia (a combo of Mary and Amaya/Amaia)
    18. Marialma (a combo of Mary & Alma)
    19. Marialicia (a combo of Mary and Alicia)
    20. Mariangelique (a combo of Mary and Angelique)
    21, Angelique (prn. ann-hel-leek)
    22. Jaciel
    Anina y Marito
    Cj. Katelina . Samantha
    en mi suenos.... Salma Agostina y Chon

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