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Thread: Wdyt?

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    What do y'all think of the name Vara? (vAIR-uh) It's a variation of Vera, which is my great grandmother's name. I really like it, but wanted to get some other opinions...

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    What about Veda?

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    I like it okay, but I would keep to the Vera spelling. I've seen Vera as both VEER-ah and VARE-ah, but I would automatically say Vara as VAH-rah (like Zara). Still, it's very pretty and I love the significance.
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    I like it a lot! Vara. Sounds pretty. However, I have to agree with the pp and say that I'm sure people would pronounce it Vah-rah. I love -ara names, though, and think this one is very pretty. Consider spelling it differently? Vaira, Vaera? I'm not sure how else you could spell it.

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    I'm struggling with the spelling; i'd like to stick with Vera or Vara but either way we'll be correcting prn. :/ I think the Vara spelling will be a little easier since Vera is the more familiar of the two, and more identified with the veer-ah prn. Of those two which do y'all prefer?

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