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Thread: My Combos

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    I'm going to pick Winter for all of them because it's so much fresher and still beautiful with all those first names, which are more common so the spunky middle names gives them a good boost.

    Aria Winter is my favorite by far ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasmine.lee View Post
    Kate Elisabeth: Better flow.

    Ava Winter: Very pretty and fresh.

    Aria Winter: Same as the Ava combo.
    My thoughts exactly
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    Kate Elisabeth - better flow
    Ava Elisabeth - More classic and better flow
    Aria Winter - Really fun and beautiful
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    Ava Winter is my fav! I like Aria Elisabeth

    I think I like Ava Winter cos of the popular Ava combined with the unusual Winter. Gives the girl some choice.

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    They are all beautiful

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