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    Husband doesn't like any of my names... suggestions?

    So, my husband said today that he doesn't really like any of the names on my short list... help me come up with some new suggestions for him.

    Here were the names I have suggested to him and his reasons for not liking them:
    1. Magdalena - "clunky"
    2. Margaret - "clunky, but better than Magdalena"
    3. Elena - "a character on the Vampire Diaries" (not sure how this really rules it out, but...)
    4. Vivian - he doesn't mind Vivien Leigh, since he thinks that her fame has faded, but he doesn't love Vivian
    5. Charlotte - likes the name okay, but his parents' best friends' daughter has the same name, and he thinks it would be weird
    6. Caroline - just doesn't like the sound of it
    7. Anastasia - too Russian-sounding
    8. Ruby - "weird" (also, later we realized Ruby Li is too sing-songy, with the -ee -ee sounds)
    9. Audrey - he liked this okay, but again the -ee -ee sounds were too sing-songy for us
    10. Genevieve - he thought this was weird/over the top

    Here are the names he has suggested and my reasons for not liking them:
    1. Anna - sounds like "anally" with our last name (Li), also too common with a really common last name
    2. Anne - name should be longer than one syllable with our last name, otherwise it's too clippy-sounding
    3. Catherine - I like Catherine, but I don't like any of the nicknames--Katie, Cathy--and think Kate Li sounds too clippy. I suggested using another form of Catherine, like Katerina, but he rejected that.
    4. Abigail - I have a cousin named Abigail already.
    5. Sandra - Feels really dated / 1970s to me... really nms.
    6. Irene - he crushed on actress named Irene, so there is no way I will agree to this. Also, really nms.

    We both like Anna... me, because it is both my mom and my middle names, and I'd like to continue that, and him because he just likes the name. But we can't figure out a version of Anna that works for us. Anne, Anna, and Anastasia are out for the reasons above. Annabelle Lee is a poem by Edgar Allen Poe that's in most high school English anthologies now (Annabelle is dead in the poem). Annamae would be nice because Mae was my grandmother's middle name, so it would be kind of like naming her after me, my mom, and my grandma... but my grandfather (other side) dated an Annamae after my (other) grandmother died, and while everybody liked her okay, I think my parents and aunts would find it weird. Anneliese has spelling/pronunciation issues, and Annika feels too foreign.

    Anyway, the good news is that we aren't that far apart on style... we both like pretty classic names, but he likes a narrower/more traditional range of them than I do. The bad news is that we seem to have run out of classic names AND Li is surprisingly hard to pair names with, because it combines with many, is so short, and is so common.

    Help me come up with more ideas!

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    Ladies: Gemma | Jane | Lily | Phoebe

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    I would go with Annamarie Li. Or Annemarie Li.

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    I suggest going through the top 1,000 names and letting him highlight or write down all the names that catch his eye, and you do the same. Just names you are interested to know more about. Try and find some common ground.

    Then, go research the names, find out the meanings and associations, and put them in order from favorite to least favorite (but all names you'd be happy to consider) have him do the same. Compare notes. Hopefully, after discovering the meanings and such, there will be something you both like.

    If you need more ideas, outside of the top 1,000 here is a great thread:
    Melissa, Mama to Oscar Leopold.
    Little Sparkler coming next July.

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    Arabelle Li-- sort of like Annabelle but without the Poe association. Still classic but not overused
    Hanna Li-- like Anna but without sounding like anally
    Hannah Li-- same as above
    Suzannah Li-- another Anna variation so she can be indirectly share a family name
    Cora Li-- classic and pretty
    Ava Li-- something about this sounds strong and classic but still kind of fresh and edgy
    Stella Li
    Lola Li
    Eliza Li
    Amelia Li
    Lydia Li

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