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    Nov 2009
    LN: Buscan

    DH: Lorcan Samuel

    DW: Shay Michelle

    How old were you when you got married? 20

    How old was your husband? 22

    How many kids do you have? 9

    Birth One: Jackson Rocco Buscan

    Birth Two: Alcott Samuel Buscan

    Birth Three: Amity Anne Buscan and Mae Anya Buscan

    Birth Four: Jeremy Micah Buscan

    Birth Five: Auden Bay Buscan

    Birth Six: Lazaro Alexander Buscan

    Birth Seven: Zayden Carter Buscan

    Birth Eight: Finlay Richard Buscan

    Birth Nine: Eleanor Tallulah Buscan and Louisa Vivian Buscan

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    LN: Istok

    DH: Brennan Timothy

    DW: Rania Felicity

    How old were you when you got married?
    3. 17

    How old was your husband?

    6. 22

    How many kids do you have?

    2. 8

    Birth One:
    Elijah Jesse

    Birth Two:
    Brady Jonathan

    Birth Three:
    Genevieve Ana

    Birth Four:
    Indiana Josephine

    Birth Five:
    Roman Finnian

    Birth Six:
    Hunter Nikolai

    Birth Seven:
    Damian Walker

    Birth Eight:
    Rex Frederick
    Pruod sister to:

    Annika, Europe, Dawn and Blue

    Favourite names:

    Shiloh, Savannah, Summer, Sarah, Juliette, Erin and Tayla

    Wyatt, Noah, Jesse, Tristan, Brody, Nicholas and Carter

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    Wuhan, China
    Leonte Family

    Finnian Edward Alexander Leonte and Ada Evangeline Leonte

    Age married:
    wife: 17 husband: 22

    Eight children:

    1. Isaac "Ike" Gabriel Harry Leonte

    2. Emmett Arthur Nathaniel Leonte

    3. Celia Ona Genevieve Leonte
    4. Flora Annelie Edith Leonte

    5. Italia Eleonora Agnes Leonte

    6. Lorca Marlowe Pearl Leonte
    7. Roman Eamon Niall Leonte

    8. Ransom Marius Alexander Leonte
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    Single, but hopefully I'll have someone to name someday...I've loved names ever since I can remember.

    All my names:

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    LN: Roman

    DH: Declan Timothy

    DW: Freya Hollis

    How old were you when you got married?

    How old was your husband?

    How many kids do you have?

    Birth one:
    Piper Emery

    Birth two:
    Miriam Faunia

    Birth three:
    Maude Annika

    Birth four:
    Andorra Iris

    Birth five:
    Gunner Brody

    Birth six:
    Bryony Carmen

    Birth seven:
    Moxie Vale

    Birth eight:
    Ilona Grace

    Birth nine:
    Praxis Hemingway & Aramis Tennyson

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    How old were you when you got married?
    3. 17
    How old was your husband?
    5. 21
    How many kids do you have?
    3. 5
    Birth One:
    4. Girl
    Name: Aurora Phoebe
    Birth Two:
    2. Girl
    Name: Kezia Amoret
    Birth Three:
    4. Girl
    Name: Samara Helen
    Birth Four:
    6. Boy
    Name: Slade Killian
    Birth Five:
    2. Boy
    name: Lucian Jude

    Names: Aurora, Kezia, Samara, Slade, and Lucian

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