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    I like Atticus! Wouldn't have thought of that. I also agree with southern.maple that Tuck would be fine on its own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dantea View Post
    I think Tucker might be the only logical way.

    Maybe (several of these are Native American because I couldn't think of anything else):

    Shattuck -- little shad fish
    Atuc -- sly as a fox
    Batuka -- young Brahmin
    Tuketu -- bear making dust while he runs
    Tupper -- ram raiser
    Tuxford -- A shallow river crossing

    Do you like any of those?

    hahahaha Tupac :razz:

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    I actually really like Tucker! and think Tuck is a very cute nn

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    My grandfathes name is Tuck..his real name is Roland...yeah I don't get either

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    @mollykat78 - That just makes me think of Tuck and Roll ... haha

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