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    My little girl's name was in the top 50 when I named her. I had no idea it was so popular at the time but have yet to run into another Audrey. The one thing that bugs me is she and her little friends all have "ey" names (Jacey, Ruby, Sadie, Holly, Audrey) It's a bit singsony when we call to them, but I LOVE her name regardless of where it stands.
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    I have forever loved Ellie which is currently #97 and is expected to gain more popularity. I still love it and am planning on using it (maybe just as nn if I find that can be shortened to Ellie that I like). Plus, a number of boy's names that I like are also ranked somewhere among the top 100 list. Like I said in another thread though, it's not the end of the world if your child has to go by Ellie D. for a year in school because there's other Ellie's, all that matters is that you like it.
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    Honestly, there are some names I've heard so many times there's absolutely nothing special or interesting about them to me. Elizabeth, Abigail, Emily, Madison...I guess they're nice enough, but they're like white noise.

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    My daughter is Maya Isabel....I didn't care that her name was in the top 100 names..there are a few Maya's around it doesn't bother me..except a family aquaintance stole the name 6 months after she was born and spelled it Mya Isabelle...which I actually take more offensivly....apparently she wanted to name her Isabella but the husband didn't...I'm still mildly pissed off about this whole thing

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    I have an Elizabeth and an Audrey, so obviously I won't toss a name just because it's in the Top 100. Most of my favorites are on there. I only know one other little Audrey IRL, and suprisingly no other Elizabeths or Lizzys (at least not under the age of 20).

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