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    Helen, Clara... thoughtfully appropriate, thanks! What about Meria? Is it too...strange? Cecilia is always whispering to us...

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    I love Clara! And Clara and Lucia share a connection, I like that.

    Do you still live in Germany?

    If so, I wouldn't use Blythe, it's pretty hard to pronounce for Germans and will probably most of the time be "Blyce"

    I also like Lilian, but Lilly is super popular (in Germany, in case you still live here), but if she'll go by Lilian I think it's a good choice.

    Agree with Helena / Lena has been over used for 30 years.

    But yeah, my favorite is Clara, so pretty (ok, pretty popular as well) but pretty anyways

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    Cecilia, Helena, or Clara would be my picks for you. I like Cecilia because of what dillonsfan01 pointed out. If the meaning puts you off, you might could consider a middle name that means love, devotion, faith, etc. I've always liked the name Cecilia Carys because it means blind love. You did say you want to use Jean or Jane, however. Are you open to two middle names?

    I like Helena and Clara because they both mean clear, bright, shining. Those meanings are a nice connection to sister Lucia.
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    I like Clara for a girl born in December since it's the name of the little girl in The Nutcracker. It makes for a very nice, not so obvious holiday name.

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    Definitely Cecilia/Cecelia. I wouldn't worry about the name meaning blind. She's the patron saint of music- you don't need eyes to hear music.

    Nickname could be Cece.

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