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Thread: babies #3 & #4

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    Red face babies #3 & #4

    Were expecting twins in late OCTOBER. We already have 2 beautiful daughters Zoë Alessandra(5) & Maïa Isabella (4). My husband & I don't want to find out the sexes of the babies. We want to keep it a surprise. We picked out some names we like:
    FOR BOYS: Noah Christopher (after my husband Christopher) & Mateo Sebastian
    GIRLS: Eva(prn Eh-Vah) Sofia or Eva Lorena, Aubrey Sofia or Aubrey Lorena, Leila(prn Lay-LA) Sofia or Leila Lorena
    The boy names are all set and not changing. We are open to more suggestions on names for girls; but it must be short. No more than 6 letters, we have a very long last time. We want to keep the middle names either Sofia or Lorena named after aunts in our family. THANK YOU SO MUCH PLEASE HEL
    Tianna Rae

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    Aubrey and Leila (i love the way you pronounce it) are what I would personally go for, as they fit with both your MNs and your current sibset. Other names that spring to mind are Sacha, and Eden...but idk what you think of those
    Your boys names are lovely, hope you find the perfect girls combo

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    Oh and keep the girls middles ending in an a to keep on the theme.

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