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    Exclamation URGENT: referral for adoption expected this week and we still don't have a name!!!

    We are adopting a girl from China and we should receive our referral in days....and we still do not have a name! Everytime we think we have it figured out, it falls apart for one of us!
    What makes is hard, I think is that she will be our 5th....and trying to find a name we like that 'goes' with the other names is apparently tough!

    Siblings names are
    Ethan Blake (he is a TEEN so we used this name way before its major jump in the list!)
    Reece Caleb
    Nathan Jeremiah (he is called Jeremiah)
    Tess Eliana

    Name meanings are important to us.... doesn't have to be the most AWESOME meaning but we do not want a negative meaning. And we want at least one of the names to be biblical or at least a "God" meaning like Eliana.

    SOME names we've considered are Meredith, Audrey, and Annalise.

    We are just so muddled now we need some outside opinions and help!

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