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    A name to fit with big

    Hi there-
    We're expecting our total surprise third baby and we need a name to fit with our first two kiddos names. I didn't think we were going to have any more babies so I had not thought about how the names would a go together. Anyway here's the names of our daughter and son-
    Lillie May
    Jack Skyler

    So I feel like the third name has to be like simple and classic too. Also so not too may syllables or it wont match. Our girl name we like most right now is Willow Clementine, but is it to weird compared to the others or does it even matter? The only boy name we can agree on is Lane, with James as a possible middle name. Our last name is only one syllable. Is Lane James ____ too short?

    Anyway any suggestions of different names would be awesome, and thoughts on the above mentioned names would be great too!

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    I think Willow is defiantly out of place and sorry but Lane James sounds like you're saying "Lame Jame" plus 3 one syllables in a row sounds choppy and it's just not my style.

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    I like Lillie, Jack, and Willow, actually. Since Skyler is sort of unusual for a boy, I think you can pull Willow off. Willow and Lillie are both nature names with double Ls. That makes them workable as sisters.

    What about Lane Jameson instead?

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    I think Willow would be fine, though I it isn't my style at all. It is a lot of l's between the two names, though. Lill and Will stand out to me, but I think it is workable for sure. I actually like Lane a lot. Lane James doesn't sound right. I like the suggestion of Lane Jameson though! Lane, Lillie and Jack sound good together!
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    A few names came to mind right away: Charlotte/Olive/Isla. Not sure if any of these are your style or not, but they sound good with your kids names! I also like the idea of Oliver or Owen for you.
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