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    thoughts on these?

    kiran/kieran (either)

    sabine/ sabina

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    I love Priya but it's my husband's cousin's name.

    Lachlan - This name has really grown on me recently. I know of a few folks in North America who have little boys with this name, but haven't met anyone in the UK with it as a first name. I like it mainly because my husband's grandfather was called Lakshmann and Lachlan is similar but easier to pronounce.

    Piers - we both actually like Pierce, tho i wonder what nn would come from it.
    Lennon- doesn't sound good with last name
    Finley- Finn doesn't sound good with last name. But i like it
    Truman- don't like this at all
    Archer- not keen on Archie.
    Adrian- no go for husband
    Weston- doesn't sound good with last name
    Griffin - have suggested this but again it doesn't sound good with last name
    Tate- cute but not my style and friend has mentioned it as a potential name for her.

    kiran/kieran (either) - friend with this name (female)
    samir - my sister is Sam
    rahim - 'im' ending doesn't sound very Sikh to me. could be wrong.
    kasim - not liking the 'im' ending
    amar - trying to picture a little Amar or Omar.
    dirk - nope, but like Kirk
    jan - too many uncles!
    gerrit - interesting... but not keen on Ger as a nn.

    mara - i like this one.
    rema- so close to husbands name
    anoushka - love this!
    samira - know a girl with this name it's sweet but agin my sister is Sam
    nakita - Elton John
    nisha - nice i like it
    sabine/ sabina - prefer Sabrina, but husband knew an awful Sabrina so it's out
    lin - nah
    hannah - nope - (biblical)
    edith - quite like the Dutch version but then we'd have pronunciation issues
    floris - err no.
    heidi - no

    So I'm putting Lachlan, Gerrit, Mara, Anoushka, Nisha on the suggestions list. Do any of these sound good with India?

    India and Lachlan is standing out for me.
    I still like Everett but could it all be a bit 'Gone with the Wind' - India and Everett (Rhett) I have yet to mention Everett to husband and I have a feeling he will not like it.
    Plus I'm working on Max daily and he's coming around, I hope by the time baby2 comes he'll think it was his name suggestion!

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    I think Lachlan and Everett are fabulous, I do prefer Everett with a sister named India. As for the girls names I think Anoushka is beautiful and I love that with India too.

    Other ideas...
    India & Miles
    India & Tristan
    India & Vitto
    India & Jago
    India & Pierce
    India & Marshall
    India & Gage
    India & Weston
    India & Blake
    India & Colton
    India & Harper
    India & Clark
    India & Avon
    India & Emmett
    India & Flynn
    India & Roman
    India & Ezekiel
    India & Jonas
    India & Remy
    India & Quincy
    India & Quinlan

    I think India and Max is pretty cool, if you can win hubby over wth this one.

    India & Elowen
    India & Blythe
    India & Reese
    India & Fable
    India & Carys
    India & Pixie
    India & Perrie
    India & Serenity
    India & Camille
    India & Portia
    India & Marlowe
    India & Annabel
    India & Anneliese
    India & Blossom
    India & Eloise
    India & Juniper
    India & Jessamine
    India & Juno
    India & Katja
    India & Lenore
    India & Leila
    India & Monroe
    India & Ottilie
    India & Roxanne
    India & Sable
    India & Elsa
    India & Theresa
    India & Vada
    India & Winter
    Florentina Arleen Belle & River Isaac James

    Zeke Gabriel Asher - Atlas Xavier Louis - Oren Zachary Jude
    Bear William Oscar - Leif Sebastian Arthur
    Pandora Ottilie Winter - Indira Persephone Rose - Elowen Matilda Carys
    Adelaide Junia Scarlet - Clemency Eden Willow

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    hmmm I like Reese and Carys for girls, and I could totally go for Clark.
    I like Blythe too as it's so Anne of Green Gables, but find it quite dragged out in the middle if you know what I mean. I can't seem to say it quickly. maybe great for middle name spot!

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    I love the suggestion of India and Miles, or even Milo! For a girl, how about India and Maeve?
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