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    I've bolded the ones I particularly like.

    Luna Euphemia - a little too much of oddness and "a" sounding endings
    Luna Juliet - pretty
    Luna Isabel - a bit redundant with the l and a sounds
    Luna Madeline - not bad
    Luna Artemis - again, a little to much oddness
    Luna Evette - love! (I also love Evette, so I'm biased)

    Flora Madeline - cute and quaint
    Flora Juliet - princess-y, but not in an overburdening way
    Flora Artemis - Art sounds really masculine, especially next to Flora
    Flora Evette - doesn't flow as well as Luna Evette
    Flora Euphemia - This goes together better than Luna Euphemia, but is still a little out there for my taste

    Euphemia Juliet - If Euphemia is a little out there for a middle name, it will definately encounter problems as a first (though this flows well)

    Euleta Bloom - sounds like a name made up by a hippie
    Euleta Fawn - see above

    Euthenia Juliet - Euthenia sounds like a disease (though again, I grant that it flows well
    Euthenia Lotus - see Euleta names

    Evette Bloom - if Evette is in the front, Yvette would make things easier when she has to give her name to someone
    Evette Artemis
    Evette Madeline - sounds French, which is lovely to me (and flows the best of these three)

    Our Alternatives to Luna:
    Lunete Faunia - just so you know, lunettes is French for eye glasses. And ette might make spelling easier, as mentioned with Evette
    Lunete Artemis
    Lunete Isabel

    Luneta Fawn - see the other set of Fawn/Bloom
    Luneta Bloom
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    Quote Originally Posted by jame1881 View Post
    Lunete Faunia - just so you know, lunettes is French for eye glasses. And ette might make spelling easier, as mentioned with Evette
    I explained why I prefer Evette over Yvette on the last page.

    But the reason I chose Lunete over Lunette is because Lunete is an actual name (it's from Authorian legend) Lunette unfortunately has been pointed out to me as being a brand of menstral cup, so Lunete is an easy way to avoid that.

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    Oh and since Euleta isn't mentioned on this site, it's an alternative to Eulalia/Eulalie

    Euthenia is a greek goddess/spirit of prosperity

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    Usually I'm not a big fan of Madline but I think Flora Madeline just work so well together. It sounds delicate and lovely as a combination.

    Luna Juliet & Flora Juliet are both beautiful as well.

    I have to say I don't think they'd be to similar as a sibset if you had two girls in the future. They have a similar style but but they feel completely different to me. One evokes flowers and warmth and summer and the other silver and the ocean at night and nighttime skies. Similar princessy feel and style but sort of opposite ends of the spectrum. I think they'd be lovely together.
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