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    My favourite combos of yours:
    Luna Juliet
    Luna Isabel
    Flora Juliet
    Euphemia Juliet
    Lunete Artemis
    Flora Madeline
    I'm not keen on Euthenia and Evette though. Albeit they all have a very „enchanting“ quality, all of your picks.
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    I really like Flora Madeleine, Luna Juliet and Flora Juliet.

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    It seems the middle name Juliet is the popular vote. Also, what makes picking Luna or Flora so hard is because if we end up with two girls, I worry Luna and Flora would be too close of a sibset.... it's going to be so hard to pick one over the other.

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    I'm not a big fan of Luna, but I do like Luna Juliet - that combination is lovely and flows really well. I like Flora Madeline too. I think that name has the best flow of all the other Flora names (and is the most feminine sounding). The rest aren't really my style/don't flow well.
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    I love Luna but not Flora..I really don't like -etta names...Euphemia is nms at all. I love Luna Isabel

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