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    1. I do like the name Ashley a lot, but it's very common sounding to me now. I still like it though and have it on my middle name list. Ann is just boring to me though. I see no appeal in it at all, however Anna is prettier.

    2. No, I don't really. Mine has more story to how it ended up on the name list. And my middles as well.

    3. Eh, no. I wouldn't change my middle name based on relationship, even if it's a solid life long one.

    4. Not at all. Ash and cinders have a lot of meaning for me, so the Ash Tree meaning is just fine by me.

    I think Ashley is a lovely name, you should like it.
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    Thanks for all the replys you guys, its meant a lot to me, I've put all them into a consideration

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    1. Ashley Ann is very plain. At my high school the name Ashley has become a joke, because we use "Trashley Ashley" as a term to describe, well, a trashy girl i.e. "she's such a Trashley Ashley." That's my first thought when I hear the name Ashley, but I don't hold that against anyone. My second thought is Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind. I just don't find the name Ashley attractive at all. It wreaks of the 90s.

    2. My name was chosen because my parents loved it. That's a good enough reason for me. My sister's name, Sarah, was chosen at the last minute. She was originally going to be Charlotte, but our great-grandfather (Charlie) died a few months before she was born and my parents didn't want anyone to think she was named after him. I'm not named after anyone so my parents didn't want any hurt feelings, etc. My sister has always hated Sarah because it's so plain and just doesn't fit her. She's strongly considering changing her name to Charlotte now.

    3. Personally, I would save Rubia for a daughter.

    4. No. Surnames like Ashley originated as a way to distinguish between different people with the same name. For example, "Which John? John Ashley (John from the ash tree clearing) or John Baker (John that bakes things)?" I don't see the meaning as a negative.
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    1. I'm really sorry I don't actually like your name but thats not your fault.
    2.My name is Josie Kate which I find really plain but I know other people like it (I hate it) you're lucky because you can get loads of cool nn from yours so why don't you choose a nn and go by that?
    3. I'm not really one for fussing about what the names mean so I probably wouldn't mind the meaning if I thought the actual name was amazing.

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    Did you know there is a Youtuber called Ashley Ann?? (just wondering )

    I like your name, but it is a bit...plain.

    I agree with whirligig and lineska... I don't think you should change your name at this point of life, just go with a cool nickname, even if its a complete stretch of you real name.

    Jude, blackbird.

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