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    I've been having troubles finding a full Charlotte combo that I can really love. I'm not entirely certain this one (Charlotte Emilia Rue) is the one, either, but I keep coming back to it, and I love that it'd honor my love of Shakespeare (Emilia from The Comedy of Errors), my mom, my baby sister, my paternal grandmother, and my maternal great-grandmother. Besides, it feels very dainty, sweet, and classic to me, which I love. I think it fits with a lot of my other combos much better than my old combo (Charlotte Eden Rue) did, too.

    I guess what's holding me back is that I'm not entirely sure it fits "me" (even though I feel like individually all three names are very much my style and I really would love to use all three some day), like I think it's a great combo in general, but I'm not sure I can imagine using it, if that makes sense. Probably not, lol.

    Anyway, wdyt of it? Any other ideas that you think might suit my style? I seem to have been liking "E" names with Charlotte, but you certainly don't have to stick to that if you make suggestions.

    ETA: I've come up with 10-15 combos I really like for Charlotte... I figured I would updated it in the OP, too, so everyone would see it. WDYT of them?

    Charlotte Emilia
    Charlotte Olive
    Charlotte Elisa
    Charlotte Ivy
    Charlotte Oceana
    Charlotte Zosia
    Charlotte Flora
    Charlotte Fiona
    Charlotte Lily
    Charlotte Lilia
    Charlotte Ella
    Charlotte Winter
    Charlotte Lydia

    The second MN, in most cases, would be Rue.

    Thanks, ladies!
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