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    Oh goodness. Those poor, poor little things...

    I kinda' like a few of the names though:


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    oh dear... some of these are really terrible. if anyone reads this and has the origins of the names I asked about please let me know!

    Cohen - nms but it's ok

    Blade - sounds too violent

    Casen - interesting...could grow on me

    Ellee - Ellie is ok but nms...Ellee is just awful spelling

    Rylee - same on the spelling

    Zakai - do you know the nationality of the baby and the origins of the name? this is a cool one.

    Krista - very 80's but there's nothing wrong with it, pretty

    Aspen - very pretty but I don't think I would use it (great for someone else?)

    A'yana - no need for the random punctuation...I actually kind of like Ayana

    Harley - I actually like this name

    Kelton - this is cool...I've never heard it before

    Kolby - cute but I don't think I would use it. and I definitely prefer Colby

    Piper - cute

    Allie - it's very cute but not substantial enough for me

    Nels - I like this Norse name

    Thunder - I think this is a little too much

    Zylah - funny, I had never heard this name before a few hours ago. Apparently it's the name of a friend of my cousin. kind of pretty. any ideas of its origins?

    Jeremiah - nms but classic, nothing bad to say about the name, strong and substantial

    Javonte - not my favorite

    Kelton - again?

    Lia - cute, pretty

    Zailey - made up name? actually not bad... could grow on me

    Hadley - not sure if this is for a girl or boy. nms but not bad

    Margaret - pretty. always a classic.

    Chaucer - a little to upscale sounding for me

    Leo - LOVE! always have loved it

    Melody - LOVE! such a beautiful sound

    Sabrina - I've always liked the name Sabrina. sounds spunky

    Samuel - I love this classic

    Stella - nms but very cute

    Winona - not my favorite but it's ok

    Alize - is this pronounced al-ee-zay? If so, I used to know a girl with this name. I like it.

    Jaxxson - Love Jackson. Jaxon is bearable. Jaxxon is bad.

    Jayden - honestly, I like this name

    Karston - not my favorite

    Kamren - don't like the spelling

    Landon - I like it

    Madisyn - nms no matter the spelling but it's ok (I prefer Madeleine and Madilyn)

    Tessah - I love Tessa but the extra h is unnecessary

    Tucker - not my absolute favorite but I like it

    Ashlyn - LOVE LOVE LOVE this name!

    Grey - not bad at all but I prefer Greyson

    Makenna - didn't use to like it but it's growing on me

    Sevilliante - any ideas on the origins and pronunciation? kind of a mouthful

    Adrienne - very pretty

    Brylee - not my favorite

    Carmine - not bad

    Antoinette - pretty but nms

    Carson - I kinda like it

    Adelyn - LOVE this, very pretty

    Alona - kind of pretty, depends on the pronunciation

    Brently - I like Brantley but not Brently

    CASYN - nms

    IVEY - I love Ivy but not Ivey

    Kaleb - love Caleb

    Kash - don't like any spelling...sounds greedy

    Savannah - love this

    Ambraya - could be pretty

    Asher - I like it

    Aspen - repeat

    Camrynn - don't like the spelling

    Jorgie - don't like

    Raya - kind of cool

    Reagan - I like it a lot!

    Daniella - gorgeous name! love it.

    Derrick - it's ok

    Ethan - not my personal favorite but very nice, great for someone else

    Kaegan Michael - I like Michael but not Kaegan

    Marielle - pretty but nms

    Peyton - adorable

    Reio - kind of cool...

    Makya - seems to made up

    Paityn - much prefer Peyton

    Victoria - gorgeous!!!

    Adalyn prefer Adelyn but pretty either way

    Avyn - seems too made up

    Draiten - don't like it

    Stella - repeat

    Dean - I like it

    Norah - such a pretty name! (I do prefer Nora though)

    Sebastion - great name! I like Sebastian better though

    Callie Rae - not my favorite

    Zakariah - nice

    Anna Belle`- I love both of these names but they aren't my style together

    Brooklyn - very cute

    Lillian - beautiful!

    Jenryn - don't like. boy or girl?

    Taryn - LOVE!

    Flint - could grow on me maybe

    Haleigh - don't like the spelling

    Jaden - prefer Jayden

    Kasen - don't really like

    Paige - a very cute name!

    Laticia - not sure how to pronounce but it seems pretty

    Lynnea - I don't like this spelling but I love Linnea

    Nathan - I love this name!

    Treyton - don't really like

    Echo - this has always seemed interesting to me, I like it

    Eva - pretty

    Lucian - don't really like

    Cearra - don't really like

    Olivia - pretty

    Quinn - great name

    Addilynn - prefer Adelyn

    Erik Jr. - I like this name but prefer Eric

    Konner - LOVE Connor, don't like this spelling

    Kyle - great name

    Mila - pretty but causes pronunciation issues

    Nathan - repeat

    Ryer - don't like

    Samuel - repeat

    Therea - is this supposed to be Theresa? If so, I love it! If not then I'm not sure...

    Eli - I like it

    Harrison - like it

    Nova - like it

    Summer - LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

    Zac - love it but only as a nickname to Zachary
    Mia, Lydia, Cora
    Corbin, Rocco, Quinn

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    Non-Jewish people have GOT to stop using Cohen. Seriously. This makes me grit my teeth in rage every time I see it. If I met a kid named Cohen who was not of the Cohenim IRL, I would think their parents were ignorant appropriators on top of being terrible namers.


    The high points of this list for me were Margaret, Nova, and Echo. The rest...oy.

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    I like these:


    To the others I just sort of roll my eyes...

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