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Thread: My Combos

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    My Combos

    Hi Berries! Please choose your favourite combo for each name and state your reason for your choice. Thank you!!!

    Kate Elisabeth
    Kate Winter

    Ava Elisabeth
    Ava Winter

    Aria Elisabeth
    Aria Winter
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    Ava Elisabeth.

    Not a huge Aria fan. I like Kate a lot (its my name!) but don't prefer nn for first names. Winter feels trendy to me probably because of Nicole Ritchie's Harlow Winter Kate, which is why I'd especially aviod any kate + winter combinations
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    Kate Elisabeth: Better flow.

    Ava Winter: Very pretty and fresh.

    Aria Winter: Same as the Ava combo.

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    Ava Elisabeth is a classic pairing, but common, a bit too common to me. It's lost it's special quality, and just feels like a carbon copy name combo to me.
    I'd rather Ava Winter, or Aria Elisabeth. Kate Elisabeth is a bit boring, but Kate Winter is fresh.
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    Kate Winter - cute and whimsical
    Ava Elisabeth - lovely, glamorous sounding
    Aria Winter - did not like how Aria Elisabeth sounded (maybe it the 3 syllable/4 syllable combo?) but Aria is nms so that may be why

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