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Thread: Ttc 2012

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    YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAY! My H said that we can start TTC ASAP!!!!
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    Congrats, Dantea!! So very exciting!! I have been away and am only now seeing your good news!

    Also, congrats to you, sixpomegranateseeds! Good luck

    I have been reading a lot about TTC and pregnancy lately to prepare myself - such an exciting time

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    I posted earlier how I found out by using the Ovacue fertility monitor I ovulate on day 12 instead of 14 of 15 like I did before my son. That was great news and I was so excited to actually have a good shot this month! Until we tried a few times over the last few days(Day 11, 12 and 13 ) and my DH could NOT finish. I have NO idea why all the sudden he is struggling, it happens occasionally. Things have to be just right for him mentally and physically in order for him to finish, but it's never been this bad! I am so discouraged. We tried to get him "in the mood", and we tried to just relax and focus on each other, and not making a baby, but nothing worked! I was really trying not to put major pressure on him to try, but I was so excited that we had a really good chance this month and even though I wasn't "in the mood" I was more than willing to try. So we DTD twice on Day 10 but that was the last time. I don't think I was ovulating then. But really, how big are the chances the sperm survived for a couple days? I know he feels really bad and I'm trying not to make him feel horrible, but I just want to bawl! This is our 5th month trying and I have to give the monitor back to my friend. Has anyone experience this with the DH/boy friend? I'm trying to be patient but this was so disappointing!

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    We're on our 12th month of ttc. I'm having some symptoms that have gotten me hopeful, but at the same time, I've been let down before so I'm nervous that it's all in my head.

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    @libbyj06- I've heard that sperm can live in your body for up to 5-6 days. The x sperm (girls) live the longest. Two days is definitely possible. Has your husband seen a doctor about this problem? They might be able to help. Oh, and since you have to give the fertility monitor back, I would like to recommend the Wondfo ovulation tests from Amazon. Great prices!
    @hplatt23- I completely know how you feel. We just hit 2 years of TTC for baby number 2. Good luck! Hope is always better than despair.
    @grecianern- that is so awesome that your insurance will pay for infertility treatments! Mine won't pay for anything :-P My hubby is a teacher and his insurance is terrible (and expensive). Good luck with your decision! I hope everything goes well!

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