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    Exclamation 6th little girl! Eve!!

    My mother is having a little girl. Oh. My. God. I didn't even know she could still do that O_o There are five full blooded kids. Spencer Dean, Quinton James, Erica Rane (ME), Elizabeth Renee, and Zachary Lloyd. Several steps/halfs, Tony Lynn (boy), Ella Frances, Seth ..., and Charlie .... The initials for me and my sisters weren't planned. Now that we noticed it, Mom wants the same for the new little one! She is DEAD SET on Eve. I love the name, so I'm not complaining! (: So, R names? She doesn't like many "Rose" names. Rowena is out of the question. Nothing to "V" heavy. I showed her some from my collection. She likes (in no particular order)
    Rune, Rhodaline, Raisa, Redel, Rhiannon, Ratanna, Rhoswen, Rasha, Reueliah, Roya or Ruya. Her favorites from the list are Rune, Rhodaline, Rhiannon and Rhoswen. So any more suggestions? ALSO! Any R names floating around that happen to mean Vision or Dream? She only took a pg test because she had a dream she had another baby! Funny how it worked out! So, thankyou very much Berries!!

    P.S. Maybe throw in some boy names just incase? Whatever you think would fit her naming style (: I can't seem to pinpoint what her style is, all over the place imo. Maybe you'll have a better idea?

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