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    Beatrix or Beatrice?

    I want to use one of these names for my daughter. Beatrix to me sounds more like a first name while Beatrice sounds more like a middle name. What are your thoughts? And do you like these name combos?

    Beatrix Sophia Grace
    Beatrix Sophia Kate
    Beatrix Violet Grace
    Beatrix Thalia Kate

    Open to suggestions! I like two middle names. Thank you for your help Xx

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    I love all of your combos though I'm afraid I'm more of a Beatrice fan than a Beatrix (the -trice ending just sounds a little softer and more feminine to me) but either are great names.
    How about Beatrix Thalia Violet? I also think that adding Rose into your list of possible middle would be something to consider, to me Beatrice Sophia Rose or Beatrice Thalia Rose is pretty close to perfection .
    Good luck! x

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    I like Beatrix a lot! Beatrice has always felt more wishy-washy to me. I really like Beatrix Violet for a combo, but I love Beatrix Sophia, too. I like Beatrix Sophia Kate best, but I like the Beatrix Violet part slightly better than Beatrix Sophia, if that makes sense.

    Good luck!
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    Pretty combos, but I love Beatrice over Beatrix. I just feel like Beatrice is gorgeous & Beatrix is trying too hard.

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    Had this issue in my family. My husband is strongly team Beatrix, and I prefer Beatrice.

    I think I am losing the argument actually. Unless we end up going with another name altogether.

    I like both, don't get me wrong, but I don't like the sound of "tricks" or "trick" (which is a pretty big insult where I'm from) especially on a first name. As a middle its less of a big deal, hence my willingness to compromise. I do think Beatrice is softer sounding.

    Beatrix Violet Grace - I like Violet a lot, Grace doesn't do much for me.
    Beatrix Thalia Kate - I like Thalia with a hard T sound as in Thomas, less when pronounced with a the as in "the." However, I prefer Kate to Grace.

    Sophia isn't really my sort of thing though its a nice name. If I wanted that softer sound to contrast with Beatrix I might consider Viola?

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