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    Valerie, Valda etc

    I have been wondering when Valerie is going to make a comeback. I am hoping her counterpart Valda doesn't make a comeback but Valerie is lovely.

    What are your thoughts on all the Val names. I am sure that the popularity vote will go to Valentina, but what about Valencia do you like her?

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    I never really thought about it! I don't think there has ever been a Val name on my list!

    I sort of like Valencia, and its the best one I can think of.

    Also, I'm pretty sure Valerie will come back... one day. It would be cool if it did soon though!

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    I love the name Valerie! It's still pretty popular, but even more popular is Valeria.

    Valentina is nice, but I prefer Valerie to all Val- names. And Valencia is cute, too!
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    I don't really like Valerie, but I love Valencia way more than Valentina!

    Other Val- names I love:

    Valeria -- super similar to Valerie but I like it better
    Valiant -- as a middle for either sex
    Valkyrie -- GP
    Vallari -- said just like Valerie but it's Sanskrit for "cluster of blossoms" not just as misspelling ^_^
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    dantea love your list and I think I would choose either Valencia or Valentina if I had to choose.

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