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Thread: Cribs

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    Hello all,

    My husband and I are going to look at cribs this weekend (I'm due with our first in December) and I was hoping to get some advice. I know that drop down sides are a big no-no, but other then that, I'm not really sure what to look for. So my question are:

    1) Cribs with wheels versus cribs without wheels. Have you found one to be more convenient or safe than the other? I know that an advantage to having wheels is that you can easily move the crib when vacuuming but other then that, I'm not really sure of the pros and cons for each.

    2) Cribs with a diaper changer attached. There seem to be a lot of these being sold these days and I'm wondering if it really is more convenient. In your experience, did having the changer attached make it easier or was having a separate diaper changer better? Also, do the attached ones make it easier to change diapers since you're facing the baby head on instead of from the side?

    3) Convertible cribs. This is our first baby but we're planning on having at least one more (maybe two). I'm wondering if a convertible crib would really be worth it because by the time this baby is old enough for a toddler bed, we might need to reuse the crib for baby #2. What has been your experience with this?

    4) Brands. Are there any brands that you would recommend we get or recommend we avoid? I like the look of lots of the DaVinci cribs, but as I haven't seen them in person, I'm not sure about the quality.

    That's all I can think of but any other comments or advice that people have would be greatly appreciated. I've read that it can take 12 week for a crib to be delivered, so I want to order a crib within the next month.


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    Hi. It is great you are planning ahead. if you are going to have kids close together, maybe you don't need convertable. It does seem that most of them have this option anyway, so you will probably end up with it either way.

    I would advise against the attached changing table. by time your little one is 18 months old, the attached changing table will make it that much easier for him or her to climb out! also, the attached units have a larger foot print and may not work as well in all spaces. walking a few feet away to chand the baby is no big deal.

    I got a dresser that doubles as a changing table. the dresser can be used for years to come and will not look like a changing table once the diapers and changing pad are put away.

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    I think the Stokke Sleepi is an excellent crib. It's design is an oval shape that creates a kind of nest for the baby. The Stokke Mini is for around 0-6 months then it can be expanded to a crib to be used until around 2 yrs old and from there can converted into a toddler bed! It can even be made into an even larger bed to fit an approx. 7 yr old comforable with an added kit. It's definatley worth considering and as for a changing table Stokke has a really nice one (seperate) that can be converted to a desk when diaper changing days are over. Best of luck!

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    Also the Stokke Mini/Sleepi is narrow and mobile which is a smal footprint and also enables you to bring baby with you throughout the house when napping if you would like

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    Hi Pansy

    1-Some kids like to hold the crib rails and try to shake the crib- Like, "Get me out of here!" I'd suspect that a crib with wheels might move more easily in that circumstance, which might not be good.

    2- I've never seen a crib with a diaper changing station attached. With Willow we got a change table, and with Veda, we're using a dresser with a change pad on top. I measured the height of a change table, and looked for a dresser at that height.

    3- We specifically did not buy a convertible crib for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we thought we'd use the crib again when we had our second, if our first was big enough to go to a big girl bed. But, in the event that she wasn't ready for a big girl bed, we didn't want to have to buy 2 expensive cribs! So we ended up looking for something that was really affordable. Secondly, we didn't buy the covertible type crib because I had heard stories of teething babies chewing on the sides of the crib... the sides that are meant to become the head board and footboard of the big kid bed. A friend of a friend had this happen, and it was quite bad (for the bed, not the kid, haha)

    4- I don't know much about brands as far as cribs go. We bought our two cribs at Ikea (the Gulliver model). They are simple and very sturdy. They sort of convert, in the sense that when your child is ready, one side comes off, and they can use it as a toddler bed. We paid $140 (Canadian) for the crib, and about $90 for a matress (At Toys R Us). For less than $250, you've got the whole thing!!

    Have fun shopping!!

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