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    Rosemary - Pretty, I love pretty much all Rose names. This one reminds me of a dear family friend who passed away before her time, so it has an excellent association for me because she was one of the best people I've ever known.
    Patricia - A little dated to me.
    Colette - Cute!
    Savannah - Bleh, never cared for this name.
    Bethany - Meh. It's okay. I prefer the classic Elizabeth.
    Adelaide - Love! Classic and love the cute nickname Addy.
    Lavender - A little eccentric, but cute. Reminds me of Harry Potter.
    Saskia - I love the look and sound of this. *le sigh* I wish I were Russian...
    Cordelia - Love! A classic that is still uber unique and a little offbeat.
    Marigold - Not my favorite flower name. I'd vote for Lavender before I go for this.
    Constance - Not my favorite virtue name.
    Ayelet - I'm not 100% sure how to pronounce this, and that makes me wary.
    Cheyenne - I've never been a fan of this name.
    Reverie - Not a fan at all.
    Aurora - I do really like this name, it used to be in my top 10 with Rory as a nickname, but lately I am annoyed by the repeating R sound and decided I love Rory by herself even more.
    Maryrose - Okay, a reverse Rosemary... I think I prefer Rosemary.
    Sienna - Not a fan.
    Tabitha - Very cute, with some good nicknames. I like it.
    Magnolia - Too over the top for me. There are other flower names I like so much more.
    Aislinn - I like this, but depending on where you are from pronunciation will be an issue.
    Clover - Cute for a middle name, but I don't like it so much for a first name.
    Sabrina - Cute, I prefer similar name Serena.
    Aurelia - Another way to get to Rory, a little more regal and uppity.
    Gwendolen - Never liked this one.
    Tatiana - Not my style, funny though, because this reminds me of my mum. She loves this name and I likely would have been Tatiana if my last name were a better fit with it.

    My top picks: Rosemary, Adelaide, Saskia, Tabitha
    Ones I would skip: Patricia, Ayelet, Reverie, Magnolia
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    Quote Originally Posted by vicioustrollop9 View Post
    Saskia - I love the look and sound of this. *le sigh* I wish I were Russian...
    No need to be Russian to use Saskia! It's a Dutch/German name meaning "Saxon", and my understanding is that it's used enough in England to be familiar there even if you aren't running into Saskias all of the time.

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    Colette - like!
    Adelaide - like
    Cordelia - pretty!
    Aurelia - nice

    Bethany - like
    Tabitha - pretty
    Reverie - I like it
    Gwendolen - weird spelling but I like the name
    Sabrina - not my favorite but I can see it being well loved
    Lavender - okay
    Marigold - meh
    Magnolia - okay
    Rosemary - meh
    Clover - not terrible
    Aurora - meh, overused for such a flowery name
    Ayelet - like eyelet? never heard of it
    Tatiana - meh, too Russian
    Sienna - nms
    Savannah - meh
    Cheyenne - meh, nms
    Patricia - bleh
    Saskia - bleh
    Constance - bleh
    Maryrose - made up
    Aislinn - don't like it
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    Thanks for feedback Berries! I was nervous to put my list out there because I feel like it's all over the place but a lot of time went into making it. I seriously love all of these names. Some of them are family names and others I love the sound and meaning of. One big thing I worry about is popularity. I want to love the name I use even if it explodes and becomes #1. Feedback is really helping me sort out my feelings about the list. I'm suprised how many people are Gwendolen/Gwendolyn G. fans... I worry about it being too "G" heavy... am I nuts? Again, thanks!

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