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    Trolls are so annoying and pointless...I'm going to start a thread now, I think.
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    More new threads sound good to me too! It seems the majority of the posts are in the girls name section.

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    Yes good. I don't know how good my threads are going to be but hopefully better than the trolls.

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    Oooooh I am so upset! We have to do something! I am glad you ladies a re as mad as I am..I love Nameberry..

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    If it's the same people coming back over and over again, I wonder if the problem could be helped having the moderators block their IP addresses? I've never moderated a community so I'm not sure if that even makes sense. I'm just frustrated by this problem. The troll issue seems to have been escalating for months, first with all of the fakers we've been getting lately and now with the blatant trolls. Has this always been a problem and I'm just now noticing it?

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