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    Oy, what a mess.
    If not by ip, perhaps just not allow new sign-ups for a little while to curb the issue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by namelover77 View Post
    Oh my goodness. I was planning on staying out of the troll situation, but this is crazy. Is today the day they all banded together and decided to do this? I have never seen it like this before.

    I'm wondering if the best way to handle them is to simply give our opinions like we don't even notice how bad the joke names they give us are? They might just get bored if they don't think we even notice.

    Pamela Satran, if you're out there, please help us...
    I quite like that idea, but I don't really know what they're after.

    It looked like more of an isolated bullying issue a few hours ago, not sure if it's the same group of teens now...really quite pathetic.
    On my phone now so sorry for typos or any off formatting..

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    I think it is the same group. They gave themselves away when one mentioned Ticky-tocky.
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    Back on again...

    I think WE should make really quick WDYT threads and reply really quick answers.

    But, make sure you are not replying to the top threads.

    Jude, blackbird.

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    Braved the girls' forum briefly. We've got another one. peyton5 should be added to the list.

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