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    Yes, totally driving me crazy. Maybe Pam or Linda can make a Facebook announcement about it and to encourage berries to respond to and start real threads to combat the trolls.
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    Also, I just noticed that some are being quite odd and posting somewhat normal posts wanting opinions on normal names that are their favorites along with their weird tickietockie posts.... I have no clue what these 2 year olds are up to....

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    I don't know if leah367 is on the list, but he/she/it should be. Sigh. Because now they're replying to other people's threads. Latest new name? TickieTockie.

    EDIT: AND kaylee45... seems like whoever this is is just typing in names and then a couple of numbers for usernames - on one hand, it's annoying, on the other hand, it makes it easier to find them.

    EDIT AGAIN: What if for a while new posts/accounts/threads had to go through mods first? That way you can weed out these annoying trolls until they get bored.
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    Add carol98, abcxyz, and tickietockie to the list.
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