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    Sister for Samuel, Joseph and Annabelle

    We seem to be all over the board with our baby name this go around.

    I love longer names for girls, and don't like to repeat initials.

    Baby is due first week of December, the week of "hope" during advent, so we are most likely using Hope as a middle name. I'm well aware she might come 2 weeks early or 2 weeks late

    Not a fan of Charlotte or Caroline as most people would recommend.

    Want something to compliment Annabelle specifically. A longer 3 or more syllable name.

    Here are our names we're currently loving: Beatrice, Elizabeth, Rosemary and Vivienne. Need feedback on these, not so much other recommendations.

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    Well, I really think you can not go wrong! They are all lovely names. Elizabeth suits the classic nature of Joseph and Samuel, and you could use one of Elizabeth's spunky nicknames to spice things up, as stood match for Annabelle. Rosemary bridges the style of your no nonsense boys and your frilly girl. And you could call her Rosy. Vivienne and Beatrice do seem a bit whimsical next to your boy names, but not in a bad way, and they do work perfectly with Annabelle. It just depends on which direction you want to go. I think all four of these would be a great choice. My personal ranking would be like this:


    Good luck choosing!
    Melissa, Mama to Oscar Leopold.
    Little Sparkler coming next July.

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    Oh, I love your children's names! Let's see, of the names you're considering:

    Samuel and Joseph are classical, Biblical names with "homespun" nickname potential in Sam and Joe.
    Annabelle is a name at once older and modern, with "homespun" nickname potential in Annie.

    Beatrice certainly matches in terms of feeling older and modern, and faintly French. Nickname Bea fits the homespun thing. A good fit!
    and yet, Annabelle and Beatrice feel a little far apart to me for some reason.

    Elizabeth fits for being Biblical and having homespun nicknames like Lizzy, Betty, and plenty of others. It works. It does feel more commonplace than Annabelle, and the belle and beth endings are a little close. But it certainly works.

    Rosemary - I LOVE this one! To me it hits the same note as older and modern as Annabelle, and the nickname Rosie certainly fits with any nickname potential. Also, Samuel and Joseph are Biblical, and then you have Anna in Annabelle, and Mary in Rosemary. To me, that would be a good thing, but I can also see how it might not be for some people, so, just be aware if you didn't think of this already!

    Vivienne - I love the name, but this feels out of French. This is a much more elegant/traditionally pretty name than Annabelle or say, Rosemary - which are attractive and great, but a little bit more toned down. Vivienne also just feels more "celebrity" and therefore modern to me although to be fair it's just because of Brangelina - and this isn't a name I think is at all off limits.

    So, I don't think there's a bad one in the bunch, my rankings for you are:
    1) Rosemary
    2) Elizabeth
    3) Beatrice
    4) Vivienne

    2) and 3) are very close, and I ranked as I did mainly because I tend to like traditional names more than the average berry : D.

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    Thank you. That was VERY helpful!

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    I think Elizabeth is the BEST match with your other kids' names, and it's just lovely to boot All of your names are great but Elizabeth is by far my favorite. I love it because like Samuel, Joseph, and Annabel:

    It has several nn options
    It works on a baby, a little girl, a teenager, and an adult (Beatrice, Vivienne, and Rosemary are all lovely but kind of old-ish to me).
    It can stand up to Annabel in regards to pure beauty and feminity.

    My second choice would be Rosemary for the Rosie option. Good luck!

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