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    You’ve always been a free spirit and wildly independent. Name: Jana Victoria Reid. The second you turn eighteen, you pack your bags and move from the quiet Kansas home you grew up in to New York

    Because your parents wanted you to, you enroll in college. You major in Early Childhood Education

    Two months into classes, a guy that you’ve seen at your favorite coffee shop every day for the past eight weeks, finally introduces himself to you. His name is Simon Anthony Lewis. The two of you hit it off marvelously, and with one conversation you can tell that your parents would definitely approve

    Eight months later, he asks you to marry him. Your family would say it’s too fast, but you’re in love so you agree without hesitation. Due to your spontaneous nature, you talk him into eloping. He agrees but even after you’re married, the two of you decide not to tell your parents yet.

    Four weeks later you and your new husband buy your first house.

    On your nineteenth birthday, you’re sick in bed with what seems to be the flu so your hubby and you relax and spend the day watching your favorite movies. A week later, you’re still sick so you go to the doctor to see what’s going on…Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Now you decide to tell your folks that you’re married.

    DS: River True Lewis

    When your child is ten months old, you discover that you’re a month pregnant. Eight months later you welcome

    DD: Willow Sage

    If you’re still in college then you find out on your graduation day that you’re pregnant for the third time.

    DD: Sunday Cadence

    Six months later, you’re pregnant for the fourth time. Surprisingly, it’s a set of identical triplets. They’re born six weeks early but are perfectly healthy and only spend two weeks in the hospital. You pick strong, solid names for them.

    DS/DS/DS: Bear Zebulon, Moss Huckleberry & Stone Zephyr

    When you’re thirty (kids are 10, 8, 7, and 6) your husband gets an opportunity to travel the world. Having plenty of money to continue to raise your family, and eager to go with your hubby and get in touch with the freeness from your youth, you quit your job and the entire family travels the world.

    During your travels you visit Rome, fall in love with it, and your family buys a house there and settles in. On your fourteenth anniversary, the kids fly home to spend time with their grandparents. You and hubby are kid-free for two weeks. As a result of that, your fifth pregnancy shows up.

    DD: Vita Calliope

    One year after your fifth pregnancy, your parents persuade you to move back to the states. Five years later, your oldest is leaving for college and you seem to be seeing babies and toddlers everywhere. You and hubby try for one last baby. Sixth pregnancy results in…

    DS: Reid Anthony

    Thirteen years later, only one child remains in your house. You’re fifty-one, living in the city, and longing for a piece of your teenage wildness back. Your stomach starts to protrude and you have no idea why. A doctor’s appointment leaves you both shocked and overjoyed. You’re pregnant for the seventh time and already three months along! On your fifty-second birthday, almost six months later, you and hubby welcome beautiful twin girls that are 100% identical. They look just like hubby but act exactly like you.

    Baby A is given your first name as her fn and Baby B’s fn is your middle name. Both are given free-spirited middle names.

    DD/DD: Jana Meadow & Victoria Poppy

    And everyone lives happily ever after!

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