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    Create a Jane Austen Family

    I think there are a few other berries lurking out there who love Jane Austen as much as I do And even if you don't, what better way to be exposed than a name game? (Although it is somewhat forewarned)

    Roll the dice!

    1. Captain Frederick Wentworth
    2. Reverend Henry Tilney
    3. Reverend Edmund Bertram
    4. Mr. George Knightley
    5. Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy
    6. Mr. Charles Bingley
    7. Reverend Edward Ferrars
    8. Colonel Christopher Brandon

    1. Miss Anne Elliot
    2. Miss Catherine Morland
    3. Miss Fanny Price
    4. Miss Emma Woodhouse
    5. Miss Elizabeth Bennet
    6. Miss Jane Bennet
    7. Miss Elinor Dashwood
    8. Miss Marianne Dashwood

    Roll twice and add up for how many children you have.
    Roll for each child to determine sex - odd boy, even girl
    Roll for each child to see if they survive one year - they often didn't in Regency times - odd die, even live

    If a child dies, the next child of the same gender must bear the dead child's name
    If you run out of grandparents or aunts/uncles, choose another family member

    In Regency England, you were named after family members. If you don't know Jane Austen and her complicated character lives, here are some charts to help you:

    The Dashwood girls, Colonel Brandon, and Edward Ferrars:
    Emma and Mr. Knightley:
    Fanny and Edmund:
    Catherine and Mr. Tilney:
    Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot:
    Bennet Girls, Darcy, and Bingley:

    1. Boys - A surname (girls - name of a novel character before Austen - think Fanny Burney or Mrs. Radcliffe)
    2. Father/Mother's name
    3. Grandfather/Grandmother's name
    4. Uncle/Aunt's name
    5. Shakespeare character's name
    6. Bible name
    7. Royal name (before Victoria)
    8. Variation of Father/Mother's name

    1. A surname
    2. Shakespeare character's name
    3. Name of a contemporary novel character
    4. Bible name
    5. A family member's name
    6. Father's occupation
    7. Greek Mythology
    8. Roman Mythology
    1. Virtue Name
    2. Shakespeare character
    3. Novel character
    4. Bible Name
    5. Family member's name
    6. Place name in the British Empire
    7. Greek Mythology
    8. Roman Mythology

    List all living children and their ages, assuming each child is a year apart. Add ten to their age just to make it more Austen-y (Austen never writes about children)
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    Reverend Henry Tilney
    Miss Jane Bennet

    1. Mary Emily Tilney- alive
    2. Eleanor Lydia Tilney - alive
    3. Bennet Apollo Tilney - dead
    4. Elizabeth Catherine Tilney - alive
    5. Bennet Apollo Tilney - dead
    6. Judith Helen Tilney - alive

    Five alive, all girls
    Miss Mary (16), Miss Eleanor (15), Miss Elizabeth (13), Miss Judith (11)
    Proud author of Kissimmee, Orlando, Mary, Adam, Mississippi, Micah, Georgette, Evelyn, Diane, Millicent, Maybeline, Prudence, Margo, Jade, Matthew, Susan, Maura, Mil, Floss, Connor, David, and so many many more

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    FATHER: Mr. George Knightley
    MOTHER: Miss. Anne Elliot


    1. John Remus Knightley (lives)
    2. Elizabeth Verity Knightley (lives)
    3. Hannah Jane Knightley (lives)
    4. Elliot Leonidas Knightley (lives)
    5. Mary Isabella Knightley (lives)
    6. Henry Walter Knightley (lives)
    7. Alice Ophelia Knightley (lives)

    Mr. John Knightley (18), Miss Elizabeth (17),
    Miss Hannah (16), Mr. Elliot Knightley (15),
    Miss Mary (14), Mr. Henry Knightley (13),
    & Miss Alice (12).

    7 kids, they all lived. 3 boys, 4 girls.

    High-Five to anyone who gets the "John Remus"
    (or Remus John...)
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    8. Colonel Christopher Brandon

    5. Miss Elizabeth Bennet

    1. Christopher Edward Brandon (lives)
    2. Henry Benedict Brandon (died)
    3. Lydia Beatrice Brandon (lives)
    4. Henry Benedict Brandon (lives)
    5. Adelaide Persephone Brandon (lives)
    6. Rosalind Anne Brandon (lives)
    7. Margaret Avonlea Brandon (lives)
    8. Eliza Sydney Brandon (lives)
    9. Marianne Esther Brandon (lives)
    10. Cordelia Felicity Brandon (lives)
    11. Catherine Jane Brandon (lives)

    Mr Christopher Brandon 21, Miss Lydia Brandon 20, Mr Henry Brandon 18, Miss Adelaide Brandon 16, Miss Rosalind Brandon 16, Miss Margaret Brandon 12, Miss Eliza Brandon 11, Miss Marianne Brandon 9, Miss Cordelia Brandon 7 and Miss Catherine Brandon 6.
    Girls: June Rosalie, Clio Genevieve, Mabel Juliet, Greer Vivienne, Iris Lucia, Margot Laura, Sylvie Maeve, Ingrid Scarlett, Florence Pearl, Lara Josephine

    Boys: Christopher David 'Kit', Maxwell Jude 'Max', Edward Stephen 'Teddy', Rex Kingston, Frederick Oscar 'Freddie', Gilbert Leo 'Gil', Gideon Felix, Hugo James, Tristan Josiah, Ivan George.

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    Father: Mr. Charles Bingley

    Mother:Miss Jane Bennet (that worked out well!)

    1.) Charlton Bennett Bingley (dead)
    2.) Charlton Bennet Bingley (lives)
    3.) Samuel Edward Bingley (dead)
    4.) Samuel Edward Bingley (lives)
    5.) Catherine India Bingley (lives)
    6.) Jane Temprance Bingley (lives)
    7.) Eliza Calliope Bingley (lives)
    8.) Charlotte Athena Bingley (lives)
    9.) Margaret Antonia Bingley (lives)
    10.) Emily Lydia Bingley (lives)
    11.) Juliet Eleanor (lives)
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