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    Red face A Middle Name for Lincoln

    We have decided to name our son Lincoln. I'm having a REALLY hard time finding a middle name I love though. I am contemplating using family names for all my kids middles but I was wondering if anyone had some unique middle names that went well with Lincoln? I don't know if its the pregnancy brain or what but I can't come up with some cool middle names.

    Lincoln is due in December, so winter-ish names are fine with me and I think they might be cool (no pun intended )
    Our last name is Packer, so keep that in mind.

    Thanks for all your help!!!
    Lincoln Joshua, Born 1/3/13
    Baby #2, Due May 25th, 2014

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    I sort of like Lincoln but I like Link as a nickname way more than I like the full name.

    You could always go with Lincoln Winter.

    Winter names:

    Lincoln Frost
    Lincoln Noel
    Lincoln Hollis -- like Holly for Christmas?
    Lincoln Pax -- Pax means Peace so Christmas time is the time of peace right?


    Lincoln Felix
    Lincoln Henry
    Lincoln Oliver
    Lincoln Hawk
    Lincoln Alexander
    Lincoln Zane
    Lincoln Asher
    Lincoln Garrett
    Lincoln Sterling
    Lincoln Grey
    Lincoln Xavier
    Lincoln Drake
    Lincoln Miles
    Lincoln Sage
    Lincoln Elliott

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    Lincoln Ramond
    Lincoln Maxim
    Lincoln Alexander
    Lincoln Gabriel
    Lincoln Elijah

    I would go with a family name if you have something you'd like.

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    Middle Name

    Hi there

    My little boy was born in August this year and we named him Lincoln also, we just love the name. It's that bit different and very stylish. We went with the middle name Joshua, as it's my Husband's name and think it flows nicely.

    Good luck with your pregnancy and I'd love to hear what middle name you go with!


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    Lincoln Windham
    Lincoln Gust
    Lincoln Zephyr
    Lincoln Balsam
    Lincoln December
    Lincoln Cedar
    Lincoln Coal
    Lincoln Storm
    Lincoln Sky
    Lincoln Trove
    Lincoln Fort
    Lincoln Fir
    Lincoln Hickory
    Lincoln Wood
    Lincoln Woolverton
    Lincoln Snow
    Lincoln Kindle
    Lincoln Ember
    Lincoln Fire
    Lincoln Hail
    Lincoln Rainier
    Lincoln Wintry
    Lincoln Cloud
    Lincoln Fleece
    Lincoln Skate
    Lincoln Wreath
    Lincoln Wise
    Lincoln Myrrh
    Lincoln Silver
    Lincoln Sleigh
    Lincoln Hearth
    Lincoln Glass
    Lincoln Grove
    Lincoln Bell
    Lincoln Fairbanks
    Lincoln Night
    Lincoln Meriwether
    Lincoln Berenger
    Lincoln Hill
    Lincoln Jayne
    Lincoln Frederick
    Lincoln Sutter
    Lincoln Milligan
    Lincoln Mavrick
    Lincoln Falcon
    Lincoln Cane
    Lincoln Haley
    Lincoln Amos
    Lincoln Chaddock
    Lincoln Gramercy
    Lincoln Quill
    Lincoln Paley
    Lincoln Conrad
    Lincoln Best
    Lincoln Asa
    Lincoln Langley
    Lincoln Hillary
    Lincoln Johnson
    Lincoln Truce
    Lincoln Teller
    Lincoln Edison
    Lincoln Irving
    Lincoln Sands
    Lincoln Heath
    Lincoln Griswold
    Lincoln Gates
    Lincoln Jiminy
    Lincoln Bridgeport
    Lincoln Bligh
    Lincoln Creek
    Lincoln Chamberlain
    Lincoln Emerson
    Lincoln Irwin
    Lincoln Winslow
    Lincoln Crusoe
    Lincoln Springer
    Lincoln Spring
    Lincoln Inman
    Lincoln Highland
    Lincoln Payson
    Lincoln Rudnick
    Lincoln Joffrey
    Lincoln Rix
    Lincoln Mead
    Lincoln Meredith
    Lincoln Errol
    Lincoln Fillion
    Lincoln Robin
    Lincoln Forsythe
    Lincoln Boone
    Lincoln Bradford
    Lincoln Shore
    Lincoln Thom
    Lincoln Knight
    Lincoln Corbin
    Lincoln Nathan
    Lincoln Gordon
    Lincoln Granite
    Lincoln Bennett
    Lincoln Jaxon
    Lincoln Bridwell
    Lincoln Atherton
    Lincoln Rye
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