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    How would you pronounce...? (plus thoughts on DH's 'short list')


    My husband and I are TTC, and over the weekend I gave him a copy of my "long list" (20 current fav names), and asked him to circle his Top 5 names. The first he chose was Alden, (which both surprised and delighted me, as it's a fav of mine as well!), but I've showed it to a few people and they've all pronounced it different ways.

    I would pronounce Alden: "all-den", rhymes with "Walden"
    My mother and sis pronounced it: "al-dun", like "Al" + done
    My bff and boss pronounced it: "al-den", like "Al" + den

    How do you pronounce "Alden"??

    WDYT of the name? His other picks were: Simon, Jude, Felix, Elliot, Ephraim
    MN choices are: Gabriel, Alexander, Phoenix, Malcolm, John (his MN), Teague, William
    LN starts with "Ben", is 4 syllables, and ends with "vich".

    Thanks, Berries!

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    Alden rhymes with Walden. Do people not read/study the Mayflower anymore? Sheesh! I hate when it is a common enough word and people don't get it.

    I love Alden. Very cute!! I love Smon and Jude and I like Felix and Elliot. You have great taste! Of your middle names, Malcolm is just amazing. Some of the others are okay but I just adore Malcolm.

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    I pronounce Alden the way you do - I really never thought anyone would say it any differently. I think it is a great name and my favorite on your list. I also like Jude and Felix. Elliot and Simon are ok and I don't care for Ephraim at all. Here are the combos I like best from your choices -

    Alden John
    Alden Alexander
    Jude Alexander
    Jude William
    Felix John
    Felix Alexander

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    Alden - I'd pronounce is "all-den". NMS, but it's a very solid name without being too modern.

    Simon - love this one
    Jude - NMS
    Felix - NMS
    Elliot - love
    Ephraim -LOVE!! My DH absolutely hates it, which breaks my heart.

    MN choices:
    Gabriel - love it
    Alexander - ok
    Phoenix - NMS. Doesn't seem to go with any of the names listed above. Simon Phoenix? Elliot Phoenix? Just doesn't sound right.
    Malcolm -NMS
    John (his MN) - Ok. NMS.
    Teague - NMS. Similar to Phoenix. Just doesn't go with the classic first names you've chosen.
    William - eh. It's a family name in my family, so I hear it a TON.

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    I've always said "All"+"den" like you!
    My faves of yours are Alden and Elliott
    Alden John
    Alden Alexander

    Elliot Phoenix or Elliot Alexander
    Girls: Vivi Charles, Lila Charles, Sunday Kate, Willa Lace, Landry Kate, Monroe, Ezra Kate, Lucy madden, Lila snow, Hazel Anne, Indy, Wynter
    Boys: Knox Maverick, Knox Ryder, Archer Allen, Archer Atlas, Shepard Knox, Monroe Hendrix, Madden McLane, Finn Allen, Crewe Archer, Quade Allen, Dash Allen, Thayer,Tennyson, Vance, Ford Allen, Penn, Wilder, Rook, Hoyt, Holt, Hart, Bishop

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