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    Alternatives to uber popular names!

    I love all of the top baby names, my favorites being Sophia, Ava, Emily, Olivia, Isabella/Isabelle.
    With my second baby girl due soon, I'm having a hard time finding the just the right name, and although I love all the names above, I don't want her to be another Emily in a class full of them... I grew up being one of many Meaghan/Meghan/Megan's, and spelling differences made absolutley no difference in the name. I was still always Meaghan G.
    I was wondering what you all would suggest for alternatives to these names, and any other populer name alternatives you can think of.
    Here's some I've heard, share your thoughts please!

    Sophia- Serafina, Sabina, Sofiane/Sofiana
    Ava- Avelie/Avalie, Avelia
    Emily- Emiliese, Emelyn, Amelie
    Olivia- Ottilie, Liviana
    Isabella/Isabelle- Adabelle, Rosabel (I love Rose, but not alone), Annabel, Arabella

    I have to mention my love for the name Rose, but I can't stand it alone! I really like Rosabel, May Rose or May-Rose as a double first name, what do you think?

    I'll also say that my first daughters name is Hayden Anne-Claire, and we have a 2 syllable very French last name... I'm not to into matchy names, so staying to close to the style of Hayden isn't really that concerning for me.

    Thanks for you help!!! I really need it...

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    For Sophia, I like Sophie, Sabine, Sylvie, and Sadie.
    For Ava I like pp's suggestion of Ada, also Evelyn
    For Emily I like your idea of Amelie, also Amalia, and Effie
    For Olivia, I like Vivian, Cecilia, and Aurelia
    For Isabella, I like Imogen and Elsa

    My favorite Rose name has always been Rosalind -- Rosie and Lindy would both be cute nicknames!

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    Sophia: Seraphina, Sophronia, Sylvia
    Ava: Maeve, Ada, Eva
    Emily: Emmeline, Amalia, Amity
    Olivia: Octavia, Lydia, Odessa
    Isabella: Arabella, Araminta, Isadora

    British Baby Names did a post on surnames derived from feminine names. One of the options presented was Amelot, which can also be smelled Emelot, that I think could make an interesting alternative to Emily.

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    Fox * Rohan * Jade * Shea * Blaise * Greer
    Lotus * Noor * Tallulah * Jasper * Linden * Arden

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