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    The Simpson Family
    Generation 1
    DW: Jemima Elizabeth Simpson
    DH: Ezekiel James Simpson

    Jemima & Ezekiel have:
    Children: Lena, Addie, & Edgar
    Children-in-law: Liam, Lucian, Elodie
    Grandchildren: Gabby, Kendall, Elias, Phoebe, Cyrus, Matilda, Jacob, Amelia, Declan, Ethan, Simone
    Grandchildren-in-law: Gemma, Adrian, Scarlett, Angelo, Leonardo
    Great-Grandchildren: Evelyn, Annalise, Julian, Stefan, Audrey, Abigail, Orlando, Noah, Miranda, Iris, Sebastian, Marina, & Hermione

    Their Children's Families

    Lena's Family

    DW: Lena Josephine Walker (née Simpson)
    DH: Liam Everett Walker

    DD: Gabrielle Madison Walker
    DD: Kendall Eden Walker
    DS: Elias Theodore Walker
    DD: Phoebe Grace Walker

    Addie's Family

    DW: Adeline Leonora Emory (née Simpson)
    DH: Lucian Casper Emory

    DS: Cyrus Oliver Emory
    DD: Matilda Adele Emory
    DS: Jacob Evan Emory
    DD: Amelia Violet Emory
    DS: Declan Augustus Emory
    DS: Ethan Ivan Emory

    Edgar's Family

    DH: Edgar James Simpson
    DW: Elodie Josephine Simpson (née Lawrence)

    DD: Simone Katharina Simpson

    Their Grandchildren's Families

    Gabby, Kendall, Cyrus, Matilda, and Declan remain single and never have children.

    Elias's Family

    DH: Elias Theodore Walker
    DW: Gemma Ashley Walker (née Suarez)

    DD: Evelyn Belle Walker
    DD: Annalise Christiana Walker
    DS: Julian Matthias Walker

    Phoebe's Family
    DW: Phoebe Grace Reyes (née Walker)
    DH: Leonardo Spencer Reyes

    No children

    Jacob's Family

    DH: Jacob Evan Emory
    DH: Adrian Weston Emory
    {Never marry but adopt 4 children}

    DS: Stefan Pierce Emory
    DD: Audrey Lynn Emory
    DD: Abigail Quinn Emory
    DS: Orlando William Emory

    Amelia's Family

    DW: Amelia Violet Emory
    {Never marries but adopts 3 children}

    DD: Miranda Paige Emory
    DS: Noah Dakota Emory
    DD: Iris Alicia Emory

    Ethan's Family

    DH: Ethan Ivan Emory
    DW: Scarlett Jolie Emory

    No children

    Simone's Family

    DW: Simone Katharina Wilhelm
    DH: Angelo Josiah Wilhelm
    {Never marry}

    DS: Sebastian Bernard Wilhelm
    DD: Marina Rosalind Wilhelm
    DD: Hermione Sophia Wilhelm
    A 18 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
    Current Favorites [changes frequently]:
    ♀: Robyn, Zoe, Lux, Terra, Romy, Salem, Pearl
    ♂: Wolf, Orion, Knox, Archer, Beau, Flynn

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    Generation One:

    DH: Mark Robert Wahlberg
    DW: Avery Laurel Wahlberg (nee Hanson)

    Generation Two: 2 Children
    DD: Hannah Olivia Wahlberg
    DD: Brynn Joanne Wahlberg

    Generation Three:
    Hannah Olivia Wahlberg
    never marries, no children

    Brynn Joanne Loomis (nee Wahlberg) & Zachary Jonah
    Number of Children:5 children
    DS: Monroe Hudson Loomis
    DD: Rosa Grace Loomis
    DD: Colette Violet Loomis
    DD: Teagan Scarlett Loomis
    DS: Shepherd Ira Loomis

    Generation Four
    Monroe Hudson Loomis
    single,4 kids
    DS: David Webster Loomis
    DS: Ethan Declan Loomis
    DS: Aidan Alexander Loomis
    DS: Colton Eli Loomis

    Rosa Grace Morris (Nee Loomis) & Jace Edward Morris
    married, 5 kids
    DS: Edward Robert Morris
    DD: Gracelyn Kimberly Morris
    DD: Kaylee Janis Morris
    DD: Iris Laurel Morris
    DS: Jace Camden Morris

    Colette Violet Hudson (nee Loomis) & Ludovic Guy Hudson
    no kids

    Teagan Scarlett Loomis
    single, no kids

    Shepherd Ira Loomis & Ruthie Rae Loomis (nee Kepler)

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    Generation 1 and 2

    husband: Burton Jack
    wife: Esme Caroline
    → ♂: Moss Burton
    → ♂: Luca Jonas
    → ♀: Zoe Harriet
    → ♀: Iris Mollie
    → ♀: Elinor Jane

    Generation 3

    Moss Henderson
    girlfriend: Joanna Olive Mitchell
    → ♀: Thomas Burton "Massey"
    → ♂: Raina Caroline "Rainey"
    → ♀: Lewis Xavier
    → ♂: Cat Julietta

    Luca Henderson
    wife: Emma Ruby nee Cooke

    Zoe Henderson
    husband: X

    Iris Henderson
    husband: Sullivan Gregory Watson "Sully"
    → ♀: Poppy Stella
    → ♀: Marina Grace
    → ♂: Bernard Micah
    → ♂: Galen Booker

    Elinor Henderson
    husband: William Judd Simmons "Willie"
    → ♂: Rowan Judd
    → ♀: Astrid Lucy
    → ♂: Michael Mat "Mick"
    → ♀: Naomi Della
    → ♂: Fergus Eli "Gus"
    → ♀: Cher Holly

    Generation 4

    Massey Henderson
    girlfriend: Amelie Cadey Carson
    → ♀: Sylvia Rosalind "Sylvie"

    Rainey Henderson
    husband: X

    Lewis Henderson
    wife: X

    Cat Henderson
    husband: X

    Poppy Watson
    husband: X

    Marina Watson
    husband: Caleb Mathias Hitch

    Bernard Watson
    wife: Lucia Josephine nee Franco

    Galen Watson
    girlfriend: Meredith Joan Soler
    → ♀: Beatrice Iris "Trixie"
    → ♀: June Alissa

    Rowan Simmons
    girlfriend: Gianna Faye Brown
    → ♀: Sandy Fiona
    → ♂: Jackson Judd "Jack"
    → ♂: Kane Elijah
    → ♀: Scarlett Maya "Lettie"
    → ♂: Hunter Bruno "Hunt"

    Astrid Simmons
    boyfriend: Dylan Oliver Pyke
    → ♂: Monroe Calder
    → ♀: Jacinta Vivian "Jacy"
    → ♀: Milena Honey "Lena"

    Mick Simmons
    girlfriend: Dinah Catherine Peters
    → ♂: Loki Crew
    → ♂: Lev Elihu
    → ♂: Cal Tyler

    Naomi Simmons
    boyfriend: Lloyd Emmanuel Carlton
    → ♀: Caroline Antonia
    → ♂: Tristan Glenn
    → ♂: Reese Charles
    → ♂: Dominic Ezekiel
    → ♂: Spencer William

    Gus Simmons
    wife: Gwyneth Maria nee Jensen
    → ♂: Garrison Aden "Gary"

    Cher Simmons
    husband: Alexander Stephen Lawson
    sylvie beatrice. poppy olivine. imogen ferris. lotus yvette. fauna margo. yana lavender.
    louie matthias. clement wright. hampton hugo. victor rusak. malcolm bruin. freddie walker.

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    Generation One:
    DH: Jack Michael McKay
    DW: Bailey Elizabeth O’Hara McKay

    Generation Two:
    DS: Owen Michael McKay
    DS: Devin James McKay
    DD: Aubrey Elizabeth McKay
    DD: Kelsey O’Hara McKay
    DS: Harper Jacqueline McKay

    Generation Three:
    Owen Michael McKay marries Leah Madeline Graham, and they have three beautiful sons:
    -DS: Evan Michael McKay
    -DS: Noah Graham McKay
    -DS: Ryan Jackson McKay

    Devin James McKay is in a domestic partnership with IsabelleBellaLouise Spencer, and they have six beautiful children:
    -DS: Tristan James Spencer McKay
    -DD: Stella Louise Spencer McKay
    -DS: Holden Michael Spencer McKay (twin of Harper)
    -DD: Harper Isabelle Spencer McKay (twin of Holden)
    -DD: Lila June Spencer McKay
    -DD: Tessa Rose Spencer McKay

    Aubrey Elizabeth McKay marries Christian Alexander Marlowe, and they have six beautiful children:
    -DD: PenelopePennyElizabeth Marlowe
    -DS: AlexanderAlex” McKay Marlowe
    -DD: CatherineCatMarie Marlowe
    -DD: AmeliaMiaRosalie Marlowe
    -DS: Duncan William Marlowe
    -DS: Michael Christian Marlowe

    Kelsey O’Hara McKay marries Aiden Theodore Quinn, and they have two beautiful children:
    -DD: Megan O’Hara Quinn
    -DS: Riley Aiden Quinn

    Harper Jacqueline McKay marries Ethan Thomas Lane, and they have four beautiful children:
    -DD: Auden Jacqueline Lane
    -DD: Kinsley Harper Lane
    -DD: Hadley Eden Lane
    -DS: Jude Thomas Lane

    Generation Four:
    Evan Michael McKay marries Rachel Marie Hale, but since her body does not produce eggs, they are unable to have children. Instead, they adopt and raise dogs from off the street, calling them their ‘fur children’.

    Noah Graham McKay marries Violet Anna Hale, the younger sister of Rachel, and they have four beautiful children:
    -DS: Henry Graham McKay
    -DS: Eliot Hale McKay
    -DD: RachelRaeViolet McKay (twin of Anna)
    -DD: Anna Marie McKay (twin of Rae)

    Ryan Jackson McKay marries Madison Victoria Gray, and they have five beautiful children:
    -DD: Mackenzie Victoria Grey
    -DS: Jackson Michael McKay
    -DD: Kaitlyn Leah McKay
    -DS: Austin Owen McKay
    -DS: Dylan James McKay

    Tristan James Spencer McKay marries Sophie Charlotte Jones, and they have four beautiful children:
    -DD: Sadie Charlotte McKay
    -DS: Leo Spencer McKay
    -DS: Asher James McKay
    -DD: Matilda Sophia McKay

    Stella Louise Spencer McKay never marries after her fiance died young of leukemia in their twenties, and instead focuses herself on her career as a biomedical engineer and plays the favorite auntie to all her nieces and nephews.

    Holden Michael Spencer McKay marries Imogen Renee Lorcan, and they have no children, as neither of them feel the desire to have a child. They do enjoy their respective careers (his as a forensic anthropologist, hers as a historical author), travelling the world and spending time spoiling their nieces and nephews.

    Harper Isabelle Spencer McKay marries Derek Matthew North, and they have three children:
    -DS: Spencer Matthew North
    -DS: Reed McKay North
    -DD: Kendall Isabelle North

    Lila June Spencer McKay marries Kalle Johan Eriksson, a Swedish immigrant, and they have six beautiful children:
    -DS: Rolf Johan Eriksson
    -DS: Leif Albert Eriksson
    -DD: Linnea Elin Eriksson
    -DD: Annika Malin Eriksson
    -DD: Brigitta Karin Eriksson
    -DD: Sofia Linn Eriksson

    Tessa Rose Spencer McKay marries Kyle James Weston, and they decide to not have children, as there is a history of various mental diseases in his direct family tree that they have no desire to pass onto a child. They instead focus on their careers (hers as a lawyer and his as a software designer), and help raise service dogs, keeping the ones who don’t make the cut.

    PenelopePennyElizabeth Marlowe never marries, but instead chooses to live with her long-term partner, ChristopherChrisLeonard Cooper, with whom she has three beautiful children:
    -DD: CassandraAndraElizabeth Cooper
    -DS: AndrewDrewMarlowe Cooper (twin of Nicolas)
    -DS: NicolasNickLeonard Cooper (twin of Andrew)

    AlexanderAlex” McKay Marlowe never marries or has children, preferring to be a lifelong bachelor and doting uncle on his nieces and nephews while focusing on his career as one of the top general surgeons in the world.

    CatherineCatMarie Marlowe marries Robert Eugene Beckett, and they have no children as Catherine had to undergo a hysterectomy after contracting a deadly infection. Instead, they have dogs (often adopted from her cousin Tessa) and horses, and spend most of their time on their ranch.

    AmeliaMiaRosalie Marlowe marries CharlesCharlieGabriel Monroe, and they have two beautiful children:
    -DD: Rosalie Charlotte Marlowe
    -DD: Gabrielle Amelia Marlowe

    Duncan William Marlowe does not marry and does not have any children after his fiancee is hit by a drunk driver two days before their wedding. He instead focuses on his career as a contractor and ‘house flipper’, and dotes on his nieces and nephews.

    Michael Christian Marlowe never marries, but instead lives with his long-term partner, Cara Grace Skyes, with whom he has a beautiful son:
    -Kellan Michael Skyes Marlowe

    Megan O’Hara Quinn marries Lance Jonathan Booth, and they have two beautiful children:
    -DD: Quinn Joanna Booth
    -DD: Avery O’Hara Booth

    Riley Aiden Quinn never marries but instead lives with his long-term partner, Natalie Renee White, and they have six beautiful children:
    -DS: Liam Theodore Quinn
    -DS: Max Aiden Quinn
    -DS: Finn Riley Quinn
    -DD: Ava Renee Quinn
    -DD: Cara Natalie Quinn
    -DD: Grace O’Hara Quinn

    Auden Jacqueline Lane marries Blake Alexander Fitzgerald, and they have four beautiful children:
    -DD: Willa Jacqueline Fitzgerald
    -DS: Rhys Alexander Fitzgerald
    -DD: Maeve Harper Fitzgerald (twin of Mollie)
    -DD: Mollie Lane Fitzgerald (twin of Maeve)

    Kinsley Harper Lane does not get married and does not have children, preferring to be what she calls “the crazy cat lady/author”. She’s more than content writing her books and curling up with her three cats -Ayn, Maya and Zadie-, and doting on her nieces and nephews. She also knits all the baby blankets for all the babies born to all of her siblings and cousins.

    Hadley Eden Lane marries Caleb Edward Anderson II, and they have four beautiful children:
    -DS: CalebCaleEdward Anderson III
    -DS: Gideon Thomas Anderson
    -DD: Eden Kinsley Anderson
    -DD: Rina Auden Anderson

    Jude Thomas Lane marries EvelynEvieFay Price, and has three beautiful children:
    -DD: BeatrixBeaFay Lane
    -DS: Callum Thomas Lane
    -DD: AnnabelAnnieEve Lane

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