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    The Simpson Family
    Generation 1
    DW: Jemima Elizabeth Simpson
    DH: Ezekiel James Simpson

    Jemima & Ezekiel have:
    Children: Lena, Addie, & Edgar
    Children-in-law: Liam, Lucian, Elodie
    Grandchildren: Gabby, Kendall, Elias, Phoebe, Cyrus, Matilda, Jacob, Amelia, Declan, Ethan, Simone
    Grandchildren-in-law: Gemma, Adrian, Scarlett, Angelo, Leonardo
    Great-Grandchildren: Evelyn, Annalise, Julian, Stefan, Audrey, Abigail, Orlando, Noah, Miranda, Iris, Sebastian, Marina, & Hermione

    Their Children's Families

    Lena's Family

    DW: Lena Josephine Walker (née Simpson)
    DH: Liam Everett Walker

    DD: Gabrielle Madison Walker
    DD: Kendall Eden Walker
    DS: Elias Theodore Walker
    DD: Phoebe Grace Walker

    Addie's Family

    DW: Adeline Leonora Emory (née Simpson)
    DH: Lucian Casper Emory

    DS: Cyrus Oliver Emory
    DD: Matilda Adele Emory
    DS: Jacob Evan Emory
    DD: Amelia Violet Emory
    DS: Declan Augustus Emory
    DS: Ethan Ivan Emory

    Edgar's Family

    DH: Edgar James Simpson
    DW: Elodie Josephine Simpson (née Lawrence)

    DD: Simone Katharina Simpson

    Their Grandchildren's Families

    Gabby, Kendall, Cyrus, Matilda, and Declan remain single and never have children.

    Elias's Family

    DH: Elias Theodore Walker
    DW: Gemma Ashley Walker (née Suarez)

    DD: Evelyn Belle Walker
    DD: Annalise Christiana Walker
    DS: Julian Matthias Walker

    Phoebe's Family
    DW: Phoebe Grace Reyes (née Walker)
    DH: Leonardo Spencer Reyes

    No children

    Jacob's Family

    DH: Jacob Evan Emory
    DH: Adrian Weston Emory
    {Never marry but adopt 4 children}

    DS: Stefan Pierce Emory
    DD: Audrey Lynn Emory
    DD: Abigail Quinn Emory
    DS: Orlando William Emory

    Amelia's Family

    DW: Amelia Violet Emory
    {Never marries but adopts 3 children}

    DD: Miranda Paige Emory
    DS: Noah Dakota Emory
    DD: Iris Alicia Emory

    Ethan's Family

    DH: Ethan Ivan Emory
    DW: Scarlett Jolie Emory

    No children

    Simone's Family

    DW: Simone Katharina Wilhelm
    DH: Angelo Josiah Wilhelm
    {Never marry}

    DS: Sebastian Bernard Wilhelm
    DD: Marina Rosalind Wilhelm
    DD: Hermione Sophia Wilhelm
    A 18 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
    Current Favorites [changes frequently]:
    ♀: Robyn, Zoe, Lux, Terra, Romy, Salem, Pearl
    ♂: Wolf, Orion, Knox, Archer, Beau, Flynn

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